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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:31 AM

"Let's hear it for our Huron County Health Department! TaDaah!" cried the merchant.

"What a great 2006 Annual Report. For the first time in years only a couple pie charts were included in this presentation. Numbers and information were presented in an interesting way. And we have met Public Health Man and Bee Healthy who gave us clever snippets of accurate details about what our department does. Not to mention many other important facts about how programs of the department can and will continue to help us in our lives."

"I liked the cartoon characters," added the cynic. "I didn't see anyone I recognized. But I gotta' admit, I read more from the two pages than I ever had before. Did you see on one page there are at least 10 registered nurses listed as employees?"

"Why am I not surprised about how very much you enjoy vital statistics when charmingly laid out by cartoon characters," laughed McBeane. "But I certainly enjoyed how that usually dry material was presented in a creative and successfully informative way. But I am sorry to tell you this; you may have a year to wait for the next thrilling episode."

"I picked up on the 9,110 health inspections. What surprised me was West Nile Virus at 43 consultations," commented the merchant.

"We should send along our compliments to our health department leaders who supported this presentation," suggested Doberman. "And don't hold back on praise for three folks who brought this project to life; Kevin Casto, Heidi Helgeson and Angie Smith."

"I want you to know that besides the return of certain birds, I have yet another seasonal domestic milestone to report. As of this week, I have removed the electrical heater from our bathroom until sometime next fall. A loyal servant of many years, my faithful chaser of goose bumps will rest until tree leaves transform themselves into autumn," remarked the scribe.

"How about your ancient, antique old blue bathrobe? Is it back in service now that temperatures are moderating?" inquired the philosopher.

"Well, I have it located and intend to use the new red model or my well-seasoned lightweight blue model as the needs for comfortable cover may require," was the quick answer.

"I would like to report about an article from the WSJ (April 13) by a member of the Greater Cheap Coffee Club," disclosed the scribe.

"First, allow me to remind you that the Greater Cheap Coffee Club is comprised of those folks who send me e-mail, speak of matters while strolling on the street or otherwise communicate to our group.

"Second, the WSJ is short for the widely-respected Wall Street Journal.

"If I might refine the article, I felt one strong point was that, after politicians get themselves elected to our Congress, they all immediately change into representatives of the same party the Incumbent Party.

"The primary goal is to get oneself re-elected. As they pursue this goal, they also mold a secondary goal. This additional standard strives to keep quiet bad news about things such as the economy, governmental expenditure and programs.

"Included among these news makers would be challenges like our national debt, Social Security, Medicare, deficit spending (a war?), and middle class taxes. Mr. Jim Cooper, the author, describes these difficulties. He makes some thought provoking points.

"It also makes interesting reading because Mr. Cooper is a Congressman from Tennessee."

Doberman had a comment too. "How many of you know who is fourth in line to succeed the President. No. 1, Vice President Cheney; No. 2, Speaker Pelosi; and No. 3, President Pro Tem of the Senate Byrd. No. 4, and the next person was not elected by anyone, Secretary of State Rice."

Keep our service men and women in your thoughts and prayers.

Richard Armbrust of Norwalk is the unofficial scribe of the Cheap Coffee Club, a group of retirees who meet each morning for coffee and conversation at a local restaurant. He can be reached by e-mail at rmbrst@accnorwalk.com.

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