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CHAMBER CHATTER - Morano in Norwalk June 29 at Sheri's

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

The legislative committee has confirmed Ohio Sen. Sue Morano will join us at 9 a.m. June 29 for coffee at Sheri's Coffee House. This event is sponsored by Firelands Electric Co-op and we greatly appreciate their interest and efforts to make this opportunity available to our businesses. This will be a good chance to meet Morano and let her know of the issues of importance and concern to your business.

There are several items in the pipeline that would have huge impact on businesses should they make it into law.

One of the latest items to be popping up is the Healthy Families Act petition circulating within the state. This petition would require Ohio employers to give full-time employees a minimum of seven paid sick days each year and to pro-rate hours for those who work part-time. Truly, it isn't really sick days it is a thinly veiled form of paid FMLA and would end up costing employers a tremendous amount of money. This is planned sick leave, you don't really have to be sick, it would be nice but isn't required to give the employer notice when taking the time off. Of course, employers, this great idea comes with additional mandated record keeping for the purpose of enforcement and a host of penalties that can be levied at you. There didn't seem to be any provisions regarding penalties for people that would undoubtedly abuse this proposed law.

Another upcoming opportunity for business owners to make their voice heard will be on July 17. Marsha Ryan, the new CEO/administrator for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, will be joining us for a CEO roundtable. There are several issues concerning BWC policies that would be good to have Ryan made aware of. At that same event Janet Wilks from BWC will be available to talk about some of the changes made by the legislators to the BWC bill as well as answer your questions about other programs.

Wilks has been instrumental in assisting several of our area businesses with questions and problems and I hope you will make time to attend this event. This event is being sponsored by the employer's practices & education committee of the chamber. Final details will be in the mail regarding place and time.

Last week the chamber welcomed Dr. Jason Heydinger and his family to the community. This new business, Heydinger Family Chiropractic, is located on U.S. 250 north, in the new center across from K-Mart. Along with opening the business, the Heydinger family has relocated to our community to live and we're pleased to have them here.

The program committee met last week to begin planning our 100-year celebration next year. If you have any old records, stories, pictures, promo items, etc., from our chamber we would love it if you would share them with us.

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