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CENTER LINE - Hiding out with Tony Soprano, Cavs' offense

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

They're coming out of the woodwork. It's amazing what a winning team can do to boost the morale of a city and its followers.

How many of you will stay up late tonight watching the Cavs host San Antonio in game No. 3 of their best-of-seven series? In a town where its last professional championship came in 1964 by the Browns who left the city and are now playing in Baltimore we'll take anything.

Win or lose and the big money is on San Antonio winning its fourth title in nine years the real winners are the merchants who can cash in on the team's success. And it's not just in Cleveland. Fans all around the state are packing the bars to watch the Cavs play. Fans have filled the Q to watch games when the team is on the road. T-shirts, flags and anything that promotes the Cavs have been a hot item this past month.

The amazing thing is, many of these fans don't even like the NBA. But right now basketball in king, and the bandwagon is full. It's June 12, the Indians are in first place, and they get bumped off the front page by the Cavs.

What have you done for me lately?

* * *

I got an interesting letter the other day. It was from Time Warner Cable saying I was in trouble.

My first thought, as usual, was I was a couple of days late with my payment (remember when you could pay your cable bill three months at a time?) But this letter was worse than that.

They are threatening to kick me off the Internet. Throw me off? Did anybody check with Al Gore about this?

I voted for him.

The letter, in part, said this:

"Please read this letter completely, as it pertains to the continuation of your Road Runner account. Road Runner has received complaints of an unacceptable use from your high speed data service from your IP address. This activity was investigated and logged."

This sounds like serious stuff. Could I end up in jail? And if I do go to jail, will I be in the cell next to Paris Hilton? Please?

The big talk the last couple of weeks was about the final episode of "The Sopranos." I'm not a Sopranos watcher (Shown on HBO, which, by the way, you can get with your Time Warner cable package), but it seems like everybody else in the world is.

There was a big choice Sunday night watching LeBron or watching Tony get whacked.

As it turns out, it was LeBron and the Cavs who got whacked, and Tony is hiding out to make the Sopranos movie.

Maybe Tony is hiding out with the Cavs' offense. Both should be on the side of a milk carton.

The letter continued:

"The Northeast Ohio Terms of Service has detected what appears to be a computer virus, or intrusion on one or more of the computers that you currently have connected to the Road Runner High Speed Data Network. We would request that you re-read the Terms of Service Agreement, as well as the online Acceptable Use Policy.

You know what that means? I have to read all of that stuff I should have read before I signed up. That little print gets me all of the time.

"When computers that are connected to the network become infected with viruses and other intrusions, serious problems can arise, such as the degradation of network performance and the infection of other Interned users. Many computer viruses can also make it possible for computer hackers to access personal information that is stored on our PC, including Web sites you have visited as well as passwords and credit card information you have used while online."

I'm very concerned about this. My last "brush" with the law came when city workers busted me for not following the pickup rules (something about putting my leaves in plastic bags). I think I'm still on double-secret probation for that one.

Maybe I should find Tony and the Cavs' offense and lay low for awhile. That way, the cable cops would never know where to find me.

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