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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:55 PM

This is a true story (kind of). The names have been changed (kind of) to protect the innocent and the guilty.

There's a guy, we'll call him "Bill" (that rhymes with Phil). He's a pretty popular guy, kind of a "Romeo" with the ladies.

He has a wife at home. We'll call her "Charlene."

Bill and Charlene hooked up a couple of years ago. It was quite a story. Charlene had made a real name for herself in college and was a local favorite. She wasn't Bill's first choice, but after going a couple of rounds he finally decided she was the one for him.

Everybody was thrilled. Charlene was the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as Bill's family was concerned. After his last few choices, this one had to get better. Certainly not the best out there, but just what Bill needed. Times had been tough for Bill, and he was starting to rebuild his life, one piece at a time.

Bill kept Charlene under wraps for awhile, but finally turned her loose halfway through that first year. It was kind of like a coming out party.

The second year belonged to Charlene. There were a couple of rough times, but the two battled through them.

It finally looked like this was a marriage made in heaven. Everything was on the right track.

Then something happened. There was a draft in the air and Bill cooled on Charlene. He started looking around. Maybe there was something better out there.

It was that time of year when everybody was out looking. Although Bill never said he was looking for somebody new, he never denied it. Everybody else seemed to think he was looking and there were a lot of rumors floating around.

The boys were going out for a big weekend. They were all looking for some new playmates. The fun started about noon Saturday and lasted until Sunday evening. All of the prospects were put into a big pot, and everybody got to pick.

Last year was a real bad one for Bill, so he got to pick No. 3 out of 32. He had two choices a buddy to hang out with or a flashy model. He had Charlene at home, but he couldn't resist looking.

Bill kept pretty tight-lipped. Everybody does at this time of the year. But that doesn't keep the media from talking. Show after show. Hour after hour. They all sure have an opinion. The way most of the media talked, Charlene was in trouble.

Through all of it, Charlene was nowhere to be found. Bill kept her out of the limelight.

Pick No. 1 off the board. Then pick No. 2. Bill was up and both of his top choices were still there. Should he be practical, or should he take a chance with something flashy?

Whew! He made the right choice. Bill's top pick was kind of a lug, but he liked to fish. In fact, while almost everybody else was in New York City for the big weekend, the big lug was out fishing with dad.

How can you go wrong with that?

It looked like Charlene was safe. Bill was satisfied with what he had back at home. Nothing fancy for him. He was going to work with what he had and make the most of it.

Then a funny thing happened. Nobody was interested in Bill's No. 2 choice a sure prize for anybody. Picks No. 4 and 5 then 10 and 11 and 16 and 17. Bill got on the horn and started talking to some of his buddies. If he could take his second pick, and couple it with next year's No. 1 selection, Bill could move up and get the trophy wife everybody would be talking about.

He pulled the trigger and got what he wanted.

But what about Charlene?

Now you know how Charlie Frye feels.

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