CARY'S COMICS CRAZE - 'Wedding Special' lets DC Comics have some fun

Cary Ashby • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:18 PM

It's refreshing when the comic book industry has some fun. The "Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special" is a nice break from the usual stories of murder, mayhem and mass chaos.

Black Canary (aka Dinah Lance) is dressed in a white version of her black, skintight costume on the cover. She has her longtime lover, Green Arrow (aka Oliver Queen), thrown over her shoulder on top of a wedding cake. Green Arrow holds a string attached to an arrow with a suction cup tip stuck on his fiancee's right buttock while his arrows are spilling from his shoulder case onto the cake.

I snuck a peak at some of the interior pages posted online at newsarama.com. The first three pages deliver a brief recap of the couple's relationship, with Black Canary noting their attraction began "with what could politely be called 'raging carnal desire.'"

The next three pages epitomize the dynamics of the Queen-Lance relationship. The pair are cursing each other out on the splash page, next are arguing about attack protocols when meeting an opponent and end up in the sack.

And don't forget the "Justice League of America Wedding Special" that came out Sept. 12. Not only are Lex Luthor, The Joker and Cheetah recruiting villains for the Injustice League, but Green Lantern has to borrow money from another JLA member to pay for the strippers he hired for Queen's bachelor party.

* * *

DID YOU SEE IT?: Of course, I'm talking about the online teaser trailer for "Iron Man." I considered taping its MTV premiere last week, but I caught a YouTube.com version instead.

Robert Downey Jr. looks convincingly dapper as multi-millionaire industrialist Tony Stark. He also looks pretty buff in a sleeveless undershirt as he does some blacksmith work, apparently at the request of his kidnappers.

Despite my frustration of listening to the delayed audio, Black Sabbath's cult classic rocker "Iron Man" was a treat to hear as Stark, in the oversized, clunky original Iron Man suit, breaks out of his cell. Finishing out the trailer is footage of Iron Man, in the classic gold and maroon armor, easily outflying a pair of F-22 fighter jets.

This trailer has put aside a lot of my fears; it looks like "Iron Man" should be something special. I'll be in the theaters May 2, 2008.

* * *

MUTANT MOVIE MADNESS: Insiders are saying one or more mutants who didn't get the big screen treatment in the "X-Men" trilogy are supposed to be in the spin-off film "Wolverine." Filming is scheduled to start in November in Australia.

Hugh Jackman reprises the lead role, giving him the distinguishment of playing the same super hero in four films.

The late Christopher Reeve did the same thing with Superman. Unfortunately, the last movie (which Reeve co-wrote) was a horrendous disgrace to the Man of Steel.

Another X-Men-related film, "Magneto," is now being renamed "X-Men Origins." The new title seems to infer an emphasis on the broader world of mutants before Bryan Singer's first film, instead of just the master of magnetism.

I never thought Magneto deserved his own movie, despite three charismatic performances by Ian McKellan, who played a dastardly version of the X-Men's biggest enemy. The first "Star Wars" prequel taught me that telling stories that happened before a previous film don't live up to the potential of the premise.

"Wolverine" should do modestly well at the box office, since fans including yours truly adore Jackman's take on the violent mutant. On the flip side, two "X-Men" prequels released in a short time frame probably will oversaturate the market.

I'd prefer 20th Century Fox wait several years to release a sequel bringing back Nightcrawler and focusing on the younger mutants such as Iceman, Colossus, Kitty Pryde and Angel in a team led by Wolverine and Storm.

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