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Blast From the Past

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

June 9, 1919

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 88 years ago:

Baccalaureate sermon

given by Rev. Wilson

With a display of compelling logic and eloquence, the Rev. Edwin E. Wilson preached the baccalaureate sermon to the 1919 Norwalk High School graduating class last evening at the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Attendance was large, the music was excellent and the service proved highly successful.

Mr. Wilson expressed the opinion that the average interpretation of the word aristocrat indicates a haughty, proud person, more or less selfish in make up. To the speaker, the term had a much broader significance.

He spoke of the aristocrat of birth, the aristocrat of wealth and the aristocrat of achievement. Vastly greater than these, said Mr. Wilson, was the aristocrat of character.

“Such a person may be a man in any walk of life, however lofty or humble,” it was stated.

The class of 1919

Mozelle Adams, Fraces Beaver, Raymond Bercher, Willard Bishman, Ross Chapin, Allen Chester, Myrtle Crow, Hazel Digby, Audra Elliott, Ellen Bambee, Margaret Gerald, Vaieta Gibson, Isabelle Hakes, Pauline Hakes, Raymond Harkness, Clarence Herner, Dunice Heston, Walter Heyman, Frank Hiltz, Howard Jefferson, Raymond Kellogg, Mararet Kirk, Clifford Lawrence, Lue McCague, Grace McGrillis, Pauline Moss, Clara Potter, Mary Prechtel, Ruth Ryan, Carlton Schafer, Walter Schlgter, Walter Schoup, Ruth Sheldon, Charles Stewart, Margaret Stewart, Paul Stoutenburg, Dorothy Taylor, Elden West, Elbert Wildman, Winthrop Wickham and Elsie Young.

Men make new drink

It seems that although Norwalk went dry with the rest of the state, a number of local wet citizens have been preparing a drink that has a “kick” to it. Saturday night a number of men were seen on the New York Central tracks and the way they were taking up most of the highway indicated they were intoxicated. Upon being questioned, the men stated that they had a better drink than they had ever tasted before the state went dry.

“We make this drink with Jamaica ginger and something else and if everyone knew just what were the other ingredients, many would be making it themselves. It has a far stronger kick than either whiskey or brandy and it puts pep into a man after he has had about one draught.”

The men stated that they had enough of the beverage stored away to last them some time.

High school annual proves work of unusual merit

The seniors of Norwalk High School are to be congratulated for the success of their yearly publication known as Les Annales. This is the first publication of the kind ever issued at Norwalk High. It contains a vast amount of interesting items pertaining to class and high school. A noteworthy feature is the splendid art work. The book contains excellent likenesses of the members of the graduating class, with an appropriate poetical expression for each individual picture. The departments devoted to the literary contributions, poems, athletics, various school activities and humor have been remarkably well prepared.

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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