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Baccalaureate service held by seniors at Norwalk High School

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Members of the senior class of Norwalk High School held a Baccalaureate Service June 1 at the school.

A baccalaureate is a sermon delivered to a graduating class.

Laura Kniffin, president of Teens for Christ, planned the service and led the praise music. Music was provided by the praise band, which consisted of Alex Howe, Laura Kniffin, Andrea Peterson, and Krista West.

Kimberly Mason was the senior speaker and Allison Meek gave the benediction.

"Where did the years go?" Mason asked.

She spoke of society and what our culture tells us. "Society says take care of yourself. However, we are not alone in this world. We should let Jesus run our lives and be in control. Will culture influence us or will we influence our culture? We need to minister to as many people as possible and have our lifestyle reflect Jesus' love. It can take 10 years to build a reputation, but 10 minutes to destroy one. Will people see evidence in your lifestyle that shows you are a follower of Jesus?"

The Rev. Margaret Rzengota from the Alliance Church was guest speaker. He said the Baccalaureate service is a time when we think about our lives. He compared life to a marathon and said "the runners run to cross the line not to get the cups of water along the way."

Rzengota told the students that your life right now is like a blank piece of paper. Some of you will have hard and difficult things and others will have great things ahead. Some of you may be fired or have marital problems. Rzengota's theology is, "Fix your eyes on the prize. It's Jesus."

"It's not about cups of water along the way in the marathon. You will have pain and suffering and you won't always be able to get the water you need. If you live for health, you can get bald, fat and wrinkly. Life and death are the game we are involved in and a lot of it will be out of your control. What matters is how you run the race."

Allison Meek gave the benediction. She talked about comfort zones and keeping by her friends who accept her. "Sometimes we have to cast aside our comfort zones to follow Jesus. Jesus will take care of us," Meek said.

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