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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:56 AM

Norwalk resident develops kit to clean hot water tanks

An inexpensive new kit on the market cleans sediment from electric hot water heaters.

Sediment buildup eventually causes tanks to go out, signalling an expensive repair job. When the tank is being repaired, homeowners can use this kit called the "Sediment Sucker" to clean it, potentially saving money by having fewer repairs down the road.

Some homeowners are talked into the costly job of replacing their heater when it could be saved by simply being cleaned, according to "Sediment Sucker" developer Charles Marietta of Norwalk.

"Sediment Sucker" hooks up to a shop vacuum and with the two nozzles it sucks the sediment out. This is a "dramatic improvement over the way it's usually done," Marietta said.

Previously, people used inferior equipment and were unable to remove all of the debris. Unless it is removed, new sediment will build up on the old until it reaches and shorts out the lower heater element. "The "Sediment Sucker" is designed to clean with both nozzles where others cannot down in front, middle, both sides and rear "as quickly as your shop vacuum will suck it out," Marietta said.

The kit won't work on gas hot water heaters, just electric heaters.

The "Sediment Sucker" sells for $17 plus taxes and shipping and handling. It is being marketed by Norwalk Equipment Corp., 19 Morley Drive, Norwalk, Ohio 44857.

For more information, call (419) 668-8521, e-mail norequip@verizon.net or fax (419) 668-1813.

Citizen's Ambulance uses North Central to do dispatching

WAKEMAN - Citizen's Ambulance Service (CAS) of Wakeman recently subcontracted all emergency dispatching and communications to North Central EMS, its neighboring EMS provider.

This technological upgrade will reduce response times and help to better serve the community, according to a CAS press release.

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