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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Umbrella Co. important

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM

AUGUST 8, 1902

The top stories in The Evening-Herald on this date 105 years ago:

The factory of the Sprague Umbrella Company

The above is a photo-engraving of the large plant of the Sprague Umbrella Company. Very few people in Norwalk realize what an important factor in manufacturing the Sprague Umbrella Co. is. The annual output of umbrellas for advertising purposes is upwards of one hundred thousand each year, and the output of Sprague's fine canopies for vehicles runs up into the thousands. They also make a large number of wagon tops for trucks, brewery wagons, etc., and on all of these lines the Sprague Umbrella Co. are the leaders, and on most of their output they have a monopoly through Colonel Sprague's patents. These goods go to al parts of the world...

...Since being in business in Norwalk, the Colonel has paid out upwards of a million dollars to Norwalk working people, and during all of the hard times from 1892 to 1895, never missed a weekly pay day or asked assistance from anyone. A large addition will be built this fall to take care of the increasing business. Colonel Sprague besides taking care of this large business, also finds time to write for all of the vehicle, implement and musical papers, and is engaged for months ahead by 18 different papers of this class to write for them.

Norwalk should have more such factories, and could use a whole lot more men like Col. Sprague to good advantage.

The Sandusky style

There was a report late Wednesday night that a serious disturbance occurred in a place on Wayne Street reported to be run by Charles Hutchins. The rumor was that some drunken couple attempted to create a rough house there and several were badly pummeled. One woman fainted. The police were notified but no arrests were made, according to the Sandusky Register.

No arrests? Why, of course not; the disreputable character who created the disturbance were spending their money. Then too, the authorities of Sandusky are saving their strength to arrest women and children who may happen to ride into their town on a Norwalk car.

Out of quarantine

C.N. Frazier, who has been confined to his premises, the house most of the time, since July 8, because of smallpox in his family, was let out of quarantine last evening. Today he was uptown enjoying his liberty.

No new cases

No new cases of smallpox have been reported today. Yesterday afternoon late, Mrs. J.T. Arnold of Hester Street, was taken out to the detention hospital to await developments of an illness that her physician regarded as suspiciously resembling smallpox.

Badly injured

Last evening Elgin Ammerman, whose home is on Gibbs Avenue, was speeding along on his wheel at a lively clip on East Main Street and failed to make the turn at the corner of Townsend Avenue. He ran into a telephone pole and was knocked senseless, his arm badly broken between elbow and wrist, and his face and head somewhat bruised and lacerated. Dr. Goodsell dressed his wounds.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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