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BLAST FROM THE PAST - State Farm Bureau makes a vigorous protest against Japs

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:43 PM

MAY 12, 1925

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 82 years ago:

State Farm Bureau makes a vigorous protest against Japs

Meeting in Columbus today, the executive board of the state farm bureau, adopted a resolution condemning the entrance of Japanese laborers into the Willard marsh district.

The board took the stand that if legal and fair steps can be taken to keep the Japanese from Ohio, action of this kind should be started.

H.B. Lawrence, president of the Huron County farm bureau, today stated that the question has come for informal discussion among members of the bureau a number of times. About every member of the bureau who has expressed an opinion seems against the Japanese.

Mr. Lawrence takes the viewpoint that where there is smoke there is fire. He says that wherever the Japanese have come in contact with Americans in any great numbers, they have invariably proved undesirable. He expressed the opinion that the unsatisfactory experience of Americans in California and elsewhere can not be ignored...

...Many Norwalk citizens have received letters from friends and former residents, now in California, deeply deploring the situation and urging that nothing be left undone to prevent the importation of the Japs.

"You don't know what you are doing if you permit it," one letter says, "for if you give them the slightest foothold, you will never shake them off. It will be a sad day for old Huron County when the Japs come there; the rest of the farmers might just as well quit for they will be under-sold, under-lived and over-worked."

Couldn't work right without a star anyhow

Alderman Cort Schock is looking for the vagrant who pinned a big silver star on his back this morning. The councilman has been acting as a traffic cop for the past two days at Main and Hester while workmen were engaged in projecting the telephone trench across the street and he has been as busy as a windmill in a storm. For an hour this morning he worked with a mammoth star pinned on his back and wondered why in heck everybody that drove past grinned so pleasantly at him. He vows vengeance on the culprit guilty of the act.

We just have to go joy riding

The records at the office of the county recorder give mute evidence of the fact that most people insist on owning a motor car even if they have to borrow the money to get it. Out of 98 chattel mortgages filed last week at the local recorder's office, 54 were on automobiles.

The total amount of chattel mortgages given was for $34,341, and of this amount, $21,572 was on autos. The inference is made that people insist on driving cars whether they own their home or not.

Disinfectant used a police station is cure for colds

Police chief F.R. Remington fears the Norwalk police station will become unduly popular with hoboes. Not only is the station appreciated as a flopping place, but it has become known that the brand of disinfectant used by the chief as a spray is a good cold cure. When the chief sees a cootie or a small malordous bug of red hue, he proceeds to spray the cells and interior of the jail with the disinfectant. It has been learned that the spray is highly beneficial to those with colds. Several tramps report they have been cured.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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