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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Salons' hours in question

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

AUG. 27, 1918

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 89 years ago:

Ask council to shorten legal saloons' hours

A concerted movement has been started by employers of labor and by manufacturers of Norwalk to stop men from getting drunk instead of being at work.

The demand for men has made the situation critical and many local plants state they have suffered greatly by men either showing up unfit for work or by staying off altogether, and thus laying several men of a crew out of work and retarding factory output.

A big meeting last night was held in the War Chest office and was one of the most remarkable ever held in Norwalk. It was in no sense a meeting of men who have been identified in any way with the dry movement, but of business men who sought to curtail a costly evil gnawing at their business. More than a score were present and all signed a petition to be presented to the city council at their meeting a week from tonight and they pledged themselves to attend that meeting in a body.

They want saloons to open only between hours of 7 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. with 10:30 closing on Saturday nights. They also want to remove all blinds, screens, chairs, tables and anything that obstructs the view of the bar room.

Is informed of heroic death of her brother

Mrs. D.S. Beck of 76 North West Street, has received word that her brother, Jesse Greer, was killed in action in France on July 7.

It has been learned that Greer was killed the first time he started over the top. Judging from what can be learned, the young man lost his life during one of the minor engagements that preceded the general German advance in the Chateau-Thierry region, before the Americans made their memorable counter attack.

Greer was 30 years of age and was a member of Company F, 112 Penn. Reg. His home town was Franklin, Pa. He had never been to Norwalk.

Boost local Labor Day celebration

John Costello, Orving Crawford, John Huber and Fred Daley made a little journey to Willard Saturday afternoon to boost Norwalk's Labor Day and Home Coming celebration. They were given a royal welcome in that town and were assured that a large crowd from that village would be here next Monday to participate in the celebration.

Fined $5 because ten-year-old son drives automobile

Because his ten-year-old son, David, drove an automobile contrary to the state law, M. Litchestein was fined $5.00 and costs this morning by Mayor Anderson. The statute makes it unlawful for persons less than 16 years of age to drive motor vehicles.

40 selects to Cantonment on Wednesday

Forty selects are to leave the city over the N.Y.C. Wednesday morning for Camp Taylor, Ky. It is give out that an effort is being made to give the boys a rousing farewell.

The 40 draftees to leave will be picked from the following list:

Harry H. Sweet, Greenwich; Seth Laswon, Norwalk; Theo. F. Kluding, Norwalk; Leo M. Meyer, Bellevue; Amos L. Todd, Wakeman; Russell D. Mink, Havana; Leo G. Ott, Willard; Robert F. Quinn, Bellevue; Lee Crawford, Norwalk; Cyrus Jewell, Greenwich; Carl E. Sherman, Bellevue; George B. Woodworth, Fairfield; Harry J. Lowther, Fairfield; Stanley L. Earl, Monroeville; Alfred B. Kime, N. Fairfield; Anthony J. Brown, Monroeville; Elmer H. Willing, Bellevue; Donald W. Folk, Norwalk; Ed M. Birminham, Norwalk; Fred J. Koch, Monroeville; Homer Owen Ford, Cleveland; Leon F. Stark, Norwalk; Boyd A. Mitchell, Willard; George L. O'Mar, Monroeville; Merrill M. Miller, Greenwich; Morris Lichtesien, Norwalk; Arthur C. King, Willard; John P. Leffer, Willard; Carl W. Miller, Norwalk; Raymond C. Conrad, Norwalk; Harold Bradley, Willard; Myron E. Lemmel, Norwalk; Fred W. Moore, Willard; Lewis F. Savage, Willard; Eugene R. Amend, Havana; David F. Reed, Bellevue; Floyd M. James, Willard; Harold K. Stutevant, New London; Arthur Zerman, Bellevue; Rudlolf Loew, Monroeville; John J. Winzerl, Monroeville; Bryan Lowery, Greenwich; Alphons Dehe, Monroeville; Norman P. Marsh, Greenwich, Elmer E. Diehr, Bellevue.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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