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BLAST FROM THE PAST - S.A. budget discussed

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:57 AM

OCT. 9, 1930

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 75 years ago:

Salvation Army budget meeting held last night

At a meeting held last night the proposed budget of the Salvation Army was discussed at length. At another meeting to be held soon, the detailed proposed budget probably will be decided upon. Among those present were C.C. Patterson, chairman of the committee; George Fifner, A.P. Sprecht, George Jefferson and Adjutant Thomas Vahey, who is in charge of the local citadel.

The opinion was expressed to members of the committee that the local army has expended its community chest funds here to good advantage. It was pointed out that the relief work of the local army has been vastly increased in the last year or so.

Come join the big family party

The public response to the announcement of the Reflector-Herald that a special extra-paged centennial edition will be issued Nov. 4 and asking Norwalkians to send in old family reminiscences and stories has been tremendous and augers well for the interesting reading matter the Centennial edition will contain.

Old pioneer stories of peril and privation. Indians and wolves; stories told by slaves that made Norwalk a stopping place; how the children used to love "Old Senaca John," the Indian chief; Norwalk parties back in the sixties, when the boys came home from war; all these are given a local flavor that adds to their taste.

We want every family in Norwalk to be personally represented in this big historic edition. Folks will carefully help hand down information to future generations. A hundred years is something worth talking about. And not only will this celebrate the 100th birthday of the old Reflector, but the 121st anniversary of Norwalk as well.

Vaults perfect after many years

There was an interesting episode Tuesday afternoon when a truck drove up in front of the office of the Norwalk Vault Co. on its way from Mt. Vernon to Sandusky. On the truck were two Norwalk vaults, in which people had been buried in Mr. Vernon cemetery 14 and 17 years ago. Both vaults were still hermetically sealed, and to all intents and purposes were ready for ages to come.

The long burial had cured the cement perfectly and they were absolutely intact. They had been disinterred from the Mt. Vernon cemetery and were being taken to Sandusky for burial in the cemetery there, by W.H. West, Mt. Vernon representative of the Norwalk Vault Co.

"And had the vaults been opened," remarked John H. Cox, head of Norwalk Vault, "the bodies would have been found in exactly the same condition they were the day they were buried. In the past vaults have been opened several times by members of the families, after 15 or more years burial, and the conditions found absolutely perfect."

Strong speaking attractions for GOP meeting

When Huron County Republican campaign workers hold their meeting at Willard on the evening of Oct. 17, the speakers will be: Congressman Joe E. Baird, Judge Roy H. Williams and Judge Irving Carpenter. S.N. Duffy will be in charge of the meeting.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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