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BLAST FROM THE PAST Rev. Couden's post safe

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

MARCH 31, 1911

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date 96 years ago:

Rev. Couden will

not be ousted

Rev. Henry N. Couden, D.D., the father of Rev. William Couden, pastor of Norwalk Universalist Church and who is known as the blind chaplain of the House of Representatives in Washington, is expected to retain his post as chaplain of the House even though he is a Republican. Precedent is against requiring chaplains to be of the same political faith as the house majority. A dispatch from Washington says:

The remark of a Republican member, when the Republicans came into power with the Fifty-first Congress, and Chaplain Milburn, a Democrat, was to be ousted, may now save Dr. Couden. The Republican member said:

"I'd as soon trust the chances of my immortal soul to the prayers of a Democratic clergyman as to those of a Republican."

Severs five marital knots

Five wives were freed from the marital ties that they had found irksome and unhappy by Judge Alexander Friday. Although decisions were rendered in the five cases Friday, all of the cases were heard by Judge Alexander about a month ago, at which time, as none of the cases were contested, the court took them under advisement.

Mildred Louise Wetstein was granted a divorce from Carl Frederick Wetstein on the grounds of extreme cruelty.

Ethtel May Wilson was divorced from Arthur M. Wilson on the ground of adultery.

Elizabeth J. Watson was granted a divorce from Carlos A. Watson on the ground of gross neglect of duty.

Harriet D. Vincent was divorced from Frank A. Vincent on the ground of gross neglect of duty.

Ellen Meagher was granted a divorce from James Meagher on the ground of habitual drunkenness.

Ordinance in effect Friday

Beginning today (Friday) when the new ordinance went into effect, it will be unlawful for any owner or keeper of a billiard or pool room, billiard or pool table, nine-pin or ten-pin alley, shooting alley or gallery or ball alley to allow any person to play in such room, alley or gallery on Sundays and between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. on week days.

Vanguard of hoboes here

The vanguard of the army of tramps who annually begin their "maneuvers" at about this time of the year has reached Norwalk, and by their begging are making life miserable for busy housewives. While there is no ordinance in force in the city that makes begging a misdemeanor, the one policeman on duty during the day time is not able to round up the hoboes who have infested the city and as a result they practically have free rein.

A resident of the south side of the city informed a Reflector representative Friday that never since he came to Norwalk to live had his residence been visited by so many tramps at this time of the year. He said that Thursday morning his wife was called to the door seven different times by tramps who wanted to be supplied with something to eat. A resident of West Main Street said that Friday morning his wife was called to the kitchen door by three hoboes between the hours of 8 and 9.

While nearly all of the tramps who visit Norwalk are simply beggars, there are some who pretend to be umbrella menders, and who will offer to mend your umbrella or parasol for a bite to eat or for a small sum of money or both. Others have shoestrings or pencils to sell. However, whether or not they are peddlers or simply beggars, they are nuisances and should be driven out of the city if it is possible to do that.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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