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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Public invited to view beautiful tree

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

JULY 23, 1950

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 57 years ago:

Public invited to view beautiful tree

If you are a lover of trees, you may be interested in seeing an unusually beautiful and perfect specimen of the European Larch in the back yard of W.G. Angell's home at 212 W. Main St.

You can go through the yard from the front or turn down N. West St. to the second driveway on the west side. The tree is half way between the garage and back of the house. The Larch is the only deciduous evergreen and at present it looks like a huge fountain.

Boy recovering from rifle shot in calf of leg

James Bolding, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bolding, 66 N. Prospect St., is recovering from a .22 caliber bullet wound in the leg, received accidentally Sunday evening while fishing in the Norwalk Creek on Old State Road, just south of the city light plant.

Young Bolding, a junior at Norwalk High School, was hit by a stray bullet fired from the rifle of Robert J. Meyers, 17, of 80 Corwin St., police reported. He was taken by police cruiser to Memorial Hospital where the slug was removed from the calf of his left leg.

Police quote Meyers, who was accompanied by Doyal Cutnaw, 17, a neighbor, as saying that he thought he saw a bird and took a quick shot at it. The two boys, both with rifles, were on a cliff overlooking the lower reservoir at the time of the shooting. The bullet, according to officers, traveled approximately 400 yards before striking young Bolding, who was alone. Police confiscated the rifles of the boys.

Widmans celebrate 50th anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frank Widman celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on July 20.

They have made their home at 24 Reed St. ever since their wedding in 1900 at St. Paul's Catholic Church.

The Widmans have eight children all living and 18 grandchildren.

A reception will be held today in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Widman at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Giff Phillips.

Mr. Widman is a retired shoe salesman and many people will remember him as a salesman at Nobil's Shoe Store.

Still time to join community's band; concert set for Thursday

The seventh weekly concert by the Norwalk Community Band will be presented at 8 p.m. this Thursday in Stoutenburg Park under the direction of Paul Laycock and sponsored by the Norwalk Park Board in cooperation with the Board of Education.

Mr. Laycock announced that membership in the band is open to any musician from Norwalk and neighboring communities. It is still not too late to join. All persons interested in playing should meet at 7:30 p.m. in Norwalk High School this Thursday. Instruments will be furnished to those who don't own them.

Active in the band this summer are:

Arlene Thudlum, Charles Collier, Albert Caprara, Pat Leidorff, Danny Ballard, Donn Stoutenburg, David Lang, Roland Wildman, Pat Latham, Natalie White, Connnie Ford, Geroge Blinzley, Marjorie Marion, Bill McDonald, Marilyn Boepple.

John Borgia, Joanne Bishop, Jane Stark, Marilyn Sennett, Corlene White, Patricia Ann Larson, Caroline Seirtzer, Mary Ford, Joe Laycock, Beverly Collier, Herb Schick, Marilyn Myers, Nate Lichtesien, Eurgene Hutchins, Audrey Strong, Brad Bell, Harold Enders, Pat Toomer, Woodford Hutchins, John Scharick, Betty McConkey, Bill Farnsley, George E. Sennett, Ted Lang, Al Swartz.

James Wilde Gladys Smith, Ken Koehnecke, Herb Brown, Marjorie Smith, Isadore Lichtscien, A. Pierce, L. Elmer, Doris Smith, Herbert Pflieger, S. Smith, Nancy issne, Joan McIllvaine, Fred Youse, Don Ebert.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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