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BLAST FROM THE PAST One to remember

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

JULY 14, 1913

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on this date 94 years ago:

Was possessed of retentive memory

The late Mrs. Cora L. Thomas, who died recently at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Geroge M. Burdue, East Main Street, was possessed of an unusually retentive memory. She could recite many of the poems which she learned in her school days, and "Thanatopsis" she could recite verbatim in later years.

When only eleven years of age, Mrs. Thomas committed to memory the book of Mathew in the month of February, having been challenged to do so by an agent of a Bible society, reciting seven chapters of the book each week four consecutive weeks.

Honesty has own reward

On Saturday of last week, Mr. Kellogg, city mail carrier, dropped his purse containing some $55 in the Norwalk Candy Kitchen. The purse was picked up by Thomas Thompson, younger brother of Mr. Thompson, proprietor of the store.

The purse was held for a few hours, when Mr. Kellogg came by the store. The purse was promptly returned to its rightful owner.

Deal planned for liquor job

The plot is beginning to thicken in regard to the liquor commissionership for Huron County.

Saturday, Tom Latham, head and tail of the Bull Moose, drove to Norwalk from Monroeville, Senator Herner being the other passenger in the buzz wagon.

They at once met Andy Hiss and W.H. Kiefer, local democratic leaders, and they were in conference of an hour in one of Norwalk's oases. Later they were joined by Don Young, also one of the Pooh-bahs of the local democratic "organization."

Just what transpired is not known, but guesses have it that Tom was framing it up to deliver the Bull Moose strength to the Democratic ring, provided they would come across and hand him their support for the liquor kingship of the county.

Milan miscreant poisons dogs

Some miserable whelp in Milan, meaner than the cuss who would drop a button in the contribution box, is poisoning dogs in that village. He has not picked out the mongrel street dogs, either, but is giving the death dealing doses to well-bred dogs, the pets of some of Milan's most prominent people.

The full blooded collie belonging to Will Croft, H.C. Cuningham's Shpherd collie and pets owned by Thomas Domon and Will Dixie have died in terrible agony from the effects of the poison.

It is a dangerous practice to lay poison and will be a sorry day for the person who is doing it should his identity be established.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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