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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Norwalk Kiwanis Club forming; girls go missing

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

JUNE 11, 1919

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 88 years ago:

Kiwanis Club to get start this week

As more than 25 tentative members have signed for the Kiwanis Club, a temporary organization is to be effected this week. The following call was sent out this morning by Deputy Dist. Organizer George Denton:

Dear Kiwanian:

A preliminary meeting of the members of the Norwalk Kiwanis Club, now forming, will be held at Hotel Avalon on Thursday of this week, June 12, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of perfecting a temporary organization. As a member, it is important that you attend this meeting as the result will have much to do with the success of the club.

The membership is growing like the proverbial green bay tree, and no Kiwanis Club ever started more suspiciously or with brighter prospects that the Kiwanis Club of Norwalk.

The first regular luncheon and powwow of the club will be held next week, with visitors from the clubs of Elyria, Lorain, Cleveland and Toledo to give us their boost. Day and hour will be announced later.

Anyhow, each girl got a dandy grade

Three little maids from school not from the Mikado but from West Main Street homes, had a panic over an approaching English exam the other day. Someone told them that someone had said that the teacher had remarked that the exam was going to a corker, or words to that effect.

So these three girls decided to arise early and study hard for the exam. One of them set her alarm clock for 5 a.m.

That morning, when the mothers arose and started about their household duties, they did not seen their daughters around, but thought little of it, thinking they were out in the garden. Then breakfast time came around - and still the girls were gone. One mother telephoned another, and wanted to know if her daughter was there; no; so they each phoned the third mother and she at once became frantic. Each family started to search the corners and one of the mothers in a moment of aberration suggested that maybe the girls had been abducted, upon which he was told to shut up with an emphasis and alacrity that left no room for doing otherwise. Eight o'clock rolled around and passed, and by that time, the mothers were searching the neighborhood; one family jumped into their car and scouted a mile out in the county.

And in a short time the girls came leisurely walking in. They had taken their books and walked and walked and studied and studied, had reached the old fairgrounds and walked around the track and gradually sauntered home.

To make a long story short, one of them got 100 in the test and each of the others above 90. So the families are more or less reconciled to the period of excitement inflicted upon them.

Officers of the Class of '19 at Norwalk High School

Class officers were pictured on the front page of the paper: Charles Stewart, president; Ruth Sheldon, vice president; Isabel Hakes, secretary; and Howard Jefferson, treasurer.

Pauline Zeiterd sues for divorce

Pauline Zeiters has sued Raymond Zeiters for divorce on the grounds of gross neglect of duty and failure to provide. The marriage took place on Oct. 9, 1915, at New London and the plaintiff says the defendant has not provided for her in the last three years. Mrs. Zeiters lives at New London while the husband is said to live at Shelby. The wife asks that her maiden name, Pauline Sheldon, be restored. Frank G. Jones is attorney for the plaintiff.

Earl Brutsche in Russian blizzard

D. Lawrence Hanley received a letter from his nephew, Earl Brutsche who is with the army of occupation in Archangel, Russia, Tuesday.

Young Brutsche says that on Easter Sunday he was in a regular Russian blizzard and that the weather has been very severe. The letter was written on April 27. He stated at the time of writing the letter that he expected to be returned to the states soon, and that he would be glad to get home.

Young Brutsche's home is in Battle Creek, Mich., but he is well known here where he has many relatives.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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