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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Miss Ada Cooper ends life|MARCH 21, 1907

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:50 PM

The top stories in the Evening Herald on this date 100 years ago:

Girl is a suicide

Suffering from dementia caused by ill health, the latter aggravated by a desire to visit her old home in Connecticut, Miss Ada Cooper, aged 32 years, a resident of this city for the past two years, ended her sufferings yesterday afternoon by throwing herself face downward in Norwalk Creek near the foot of Chestnut Street. Her body was found several hours later by a party of searchers including her brother, who was first to approach the lifeless form.

About two years ago William F. Cooper and Robert W. Cooper of Meridin, Conn., came to this city, being employed by the A.B. Chase Co. to perfect a piano-playing device. As soon as the brothers could install themselves in homes their families and their mother, Mrs. Alcena Louise Cooper, and daughter came to this city. The sister and mother lived with W.F. Cooper at No. 15 Norwood Ave, although they had at one time made their home with the other brother at the corner of Benedict Ave. and Chestnut Street.

Leaving her work shortly after dinner yesterday, Miss Cooper told her mother she was going out for a little while. This was the last seen of her alive by relatives.

Surgery to restore husband to bride

Brain surgery is to be invoked to restore Burton Reed, a former resident of Steuben, but now confined in the State Hospital at Toledo, from life in a mad house, to his bride of one year. Reed is a hopeless maniac unless surgery will restore him to reason and his relatives have consented to an operation.

Reed, who is 23 years of age, is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Reed of Steuben, the eldest of eight children. When a child he fell from a tree, striking upon the back of his head. He was unconscious for a time but apparently recovered and nothing more was thought of the accident. He grew to manhood and married at the age of 21. He had lived with his bride about a year, when, in a single day, he reverted to the time he had fallen from the tree.

His trouble appeared like softening of the brain and he became such a care to his relatives that he was finally taken from his young wife and placed in the state hospital where he has been confined for about one year.

Will drive to Virginia mountains

Hugh Gerty left Norwalk yesterday with a team and lumber wagon and started to drive to the mountains of Virginia. He expects to make the long journey in about three weeks and will be engaged in the lumber hauling business in that region.

Did queer stunts

Part of the ceremony incident to the introduction of a new member into the Quien Sabe Club at Sandusky last evening consisted in blindfolding the candidate and compelling him to walk down Columbus Avenue carrying an umbrella. He was also required to make several stops at different stores.

Will is probated

The will of the late Richard J. Jarrett of Berlin has been probated in Erie County. All of his property, both real and personal, is bequeathed to his wife, Jane Jarrett, in lieu of dower, during the time she remains his widow. Should she remarry, the property is to be divided between Mrs. Jarrett and the two children, R.W. Jarrett and Hattie A. Jarrett.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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