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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Man robbed in Wakeman

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

APRIL 2, 1911

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date 96 years ago:

Bold robbery in Wakeman

Asa Seibert, night fireman at the Standard Oil Company's pumping station, who had two checks for $110 cashed at the Norwalk National Bank in this city Friday afternoon, was attacked by three thugs on River Street in Wakeman Friday night, and after a terrible fight in which Seibert was knocked unconscious by one of the thugs, was robbed of the money. As soon as the robbery became known throughout the village the citizens turned out to hunt for the highwaymen, but the latter succeeded in making their escape.

Lawsuit does not worry The Colonel

Colonel J.H. Sprague, head of the Sprague Umbrella Company, and who with the company, has been made defendant in a suit brought by the Troy Carriage Sun Shade Company of Troy, O., in which it is charged that the local concern is violating the patent rights alleged to be held by the Troy company on a weather screen for motor vehicles, informed a Reflector representative Saturday that neither he nor the other members of the company were at all worried over the outcome of the litigation. Colonel Sprague says that his company has a legal right to manufacture the weather screen on which the Troy company claims to hold the patent.

Colonel Sprague says that a new addition is now being built to his company's factory on East Main Street that on account of a big increase in business the force at the factory is now working night and day, and that by next fall the company expects to double its capacity.

C.N. Frazier takes partner

After having looked after his jewelry business on East Main Street for the past twenty-six years alone, C.N. Frazier announced Saturday that he had sold a half interest in the business to Mr. Perry M. Slauter, late of Indianapolis, and that the name of the new firm would be Frazier & Slauter.

Mr. Slauter has been in the jewelry business, both wholesale and retail, and as a manufacturer of jewelry and a watchmaker for the past twenty-seven years, during which time he has been connected with some of the largest wholesale and retail houses in the country.

Theory advanced about Mr. Robin, Editor at the Reflector

I was much interested in your account last night of the peculiar behavior of a robin in flying repeatedly against the glass of a basement window of the public library. I had already heard the story from an eye witness and had drawn the following conclusion, which I offer for what it is worth:

Robins are very pugnacious, and especially at this time of year, are much given to quarreling. I do not doubt that the bird in question thought he was having a battle royal with another male bird of his kind. I was told that from his place on the fence he could plainly see his reflection in the glass. Of course, when he flew toward this reflection of himself, it seemed to fly toward him and to meet him at the moment when he struck the glass. Naturally, his wrath increased and he renewed the attack again and again. If he keeps the thing up many more days he will kill or injure himself and I would suggest that the window be temporarily covered.

The southern poet, Sidney Lanier, tells of a very similar case where a tame mocking bird at liberty in a bedroom fought desperately with his reflection in a dresser mirror. When found, Lanier says, this bird's heart was beating violently, the dresser cover was smeared with his blood and its feathers were in disarray. And he adds, "All against the mere shadow of himself! Never was there such a temptation for the head of a family to assemble his people and draw a prodigious moral."

M.W. Wildman

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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