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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Jaycee pagent will be used to select Miss Norwalk

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:48 PM

FEB. 10, 1963

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 44 years ago:

Miss Norwalk to be selected in Jaycee pageant

A Miss Norwalk will reign this summer, it was announced today by the Norwalk Junior Chamber of Commerce. The Jaycees revealed plans to sponsor a Miss Norwalk pageant with the selection to be made April 20.

Co-chairmen of the pageant are Don Wurzel and Joe Shannon. Other members of the committee are Bob Landenberg, Nate Lichtscien and Bob Winchester. There are also two Norwalk high school representatives working with the committee, Dick Pohl and Gus Angelas.

Pedestrian, 81, hit by unidentified car

An 81-year-old man was injured yesterday when an unidentified car brushed against him on Linwood Ave., knocking him down.

Edward Hammersmith, 64 S. Linwood Ave., was treated at Fisher-Titus Hospital for abrasions and contusions of the right knee, and a fractured right knee. He told police the driver stopped to ask him if he was all right and then drove away.

Evaluates world literature

A group of Norwalk high upperclassmen are acting like college kids these days, reading and discussing the great literature of the world without the usual classroom barriers of testing, grading and being told what to think.

Calling themselves the Great Books Forum, these 45 juniors and seniors are reading an impressive list of literary works from Greek to 20th century American, all of which are more commonly found in the bookcases of college students.

Members of the forum are Carol Amato, Gus Angelas, Jack Arthur, Patty Beta, Fred Burdue, Bruce Chapin, Barb Columbus, Mary Davis, Jim Filip, Gregg Hill, Janet Jennings, Cindy Johnson, Al Kaiser, Ruth Kisternaker, Ron Kuhlman, Pat Laycock, Sue Liedorff, Ruth Myers, Joe Nerad, Rita Oney, Barb Palmer, Pat Perkins, Dick Pohl, Judy Pool, Jack Presley, Cheryl Renneckar, Jennifer Ross, Jim Rothel, Jeri Russakov, Jim Ryerson, Joan Schaafsma, John Scherer, Walt Schlegelmilch, Diane Shibley, Lynne Shoemaker, Mary Silcox, Judy Spangler, Joan Stiver, Sue Veitch, Gillian Wiggins, Margaret Wilkinson, Ann Woodward, Jane Woodward, Mike Wynkoop, Linda McDonald and Toni Cronk.

Area girls to become nurses

Three Monroeville and one Wakeman girls are members of the eleventh class of the Sandusky School of Nursing. They will spend 15 weeks in pre-clinical study at Follett House where they will learn basic knowledge and skills in nursing.

The Monroeville girls are Prisialla Blankenship, Carol Scheid and Joan Wenz. The Wakeman girls is Mary Jane French.

Inventor of Cover Board spending most of profits to protect patent

By Don Hohler

R-H Staff Writer

Many persons have made products worthy of a patent and consequently have made money on their find but almost as many have spent a goodly amount of their earnings in a van attempt to protect their idea from being copied.

Such is the case of Donald Bauer, a prominent Huron County farmer and dairyman who saw money in seven pounds of steel that did a chore that no one else thought of since the first plowshare entered the ground - covering corn stubbles and straw that constantly plug up plows causing a considerable amount of lost time.

The same predicament faced Bauer, but one day while he was following his tractor in the field trying to keep the stalks from plugging up the plow, he noticed a small amount of dirt coming up and falling over the mold board. This gave him the idea of fashioning some sort of a deflector which would turn the dirt in front of the furrow and over the mold board.

In 1958, he had royalties on $2,500,000 in gross sales to show his gadget does work.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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