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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Hearst case brings FBI here

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:18 PM

SEPT. 19, 1974

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on this date 33 years ago:

A girl named "Tania" sparks FBI check here

The FBI this week has been investigating four people seen in a red Cadillac in Norwalk Sunday night in connection with the disappearance of Patricia Hearst.

An FBI agent said today that he didn't think the investigation would lead to anything, however.

The FBI took over the case after an owner of a neighborhood grocery told police a girl called "Tania" and another girl had been in his store Sunday night

"Tania" is the name Patricia Hearst took on when she allegedly joined the Symbionese Liberation Army, which kidnapped her in Berkeley, Calif. earlier this year.

The storeowner told the Reflector two girls, a blonde and a brunet, had been in his store off and on Sunday night. One of them called the other "Tania."

Bill Baines gets first activity pass

William Baines, 16 Glover St., will be the first senior citizen to receive a pass to all Norwalk city school activities in a special ceremony at the City Administration Building today at 2:30 p.m. The pass will allow Baines to attend all school activities - athletic events, concerts and plays - free of charge.

Any male residing in the school district that is at least 65 years old and any woman who is 62 or older qualifies for a pass.

Life members of society

Eleven life membership certificates were presented at the Firelands Historical Society meeting Wednesday night.

They went to: Sally DeForest Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Norwalk; Henry R. Timman, Albert and Rosemarie S. Gross, New York City; Kenneth E. and Janet Conway, Thomas A. and Annette Rowley Eggert, Gladys A. Hoffman, and Alma B. Wood.

Star performers

Former Norwalk High sports standout Dan Pugh and former Monroeville star Dick Miller starred in college football last weekend. Pugh was named "Hatchetman of the Week" at Mount Union, after leading the Purple Raiders with 20 tackles at middle guard in their 22-7 win over St. Joseph's. Miller, an All-American linebacker last season, had 12 tackles in Ashland College's 28-10 victory over Ferris State.

Flyers work on eliminating mistakes

One look at the Lakeside game film and the St. Paul football team was back to drilling on fundamentals. Seven turnovers, the most the Flyers have had in one game in many seasons, had Coach Dick Alge wondering whether it was a lack of basic football or just flukes. He now believes it was a little of both.

There were good points also such as the work of defensive end Kevin Mack, as well as linebackers Mike Watkins and Bill Kacmarsky. Quarterback Scott Tinker was also given a passing grade.

"Scott is our quarterback and he will be until he shows me he cannot do the job. He had to eat the ball numerous times because of missed blocking assignments and on the many occasions wrong patterns were run. I cannot fault him for a fumble or a hurried throw after he is blindsided a couple of times because a black is missed," Alge said.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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