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BLAST FROM THE PAST - E.T. Williams hurt in fall

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

AUG. 2, 1930

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 77 years ago:

E.T. Williams is badly hurt as result of fall

Edw. T. Williams, a well-known citizen of the city, had the misfortune to fracture his hip on Friday as the result of a fall from a porch step at the home of his son, County Surveyor C.T. Williams.

He was taken to Memorial Hospital where an X-ray picture revealed a fracture of the pelvic bone. The many friends of Mr. Williams will be pleased to know that the fracture, although a serious one, is not as severe as many of its kind. Mr. Williams will be confined to the hospital two months or so. His advanced age rendered the injury all the more unfortunate.

Bellevue woman files suit for $10,000 damages

Beda Artino, a Bellevue matron, asks $10,000 damages in a slander suit commenced in common pleas court there against Dominie and Angelina Carnabucio, neighbors of the plaintiff.

Mrs. Artino alleges that Dominie Carnabucio stood in the middle of the street and declared in a loud voice words to the effect that Mrs. Artino had been guilty of misconduct. It also is alleged that Dominie expectorated in the face of the plaintiff. E.S. Miller of Norwalk is attorney for the plaintiff.

Woolworth store opens today in new location

Today marks the opening of the new Woolworth store, which is thoroughly established in its new location in the Boalt Block. Yesterday, a reception was held in the afternoon and evening for inspection of the store only. No goods were sold. An orchestra furnished the music. The new quarters are of large size and of a mark of convenience.

Officers raid home brewery near Willard

Don Willett is a prisoner in the Huron County Jail on the charge of possessing liquor.

When he was arrested in a house east of Willard last night by Sheriff Harry D. Smith, Deputy sheriffs and Willard patrolmen, the officers found 40 gallons of mash, 275 bottles of beer and a quantity of whiskey or a similar intoxicant.

The date of Willet's hearing has not been announced. At 3 a.m. the officers swooped down on the establishment. The home brewery appeared in operation and the defendant may be charged with manufacturing liquor, which is a felony, therefore punishable by a term in the penitentiary.

While the officers were examining the mash, a large vessel, containing the mixture, fell upon patrolman Home Sherbundy of Willard.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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