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BLAST FROM THE PAST - City part of 'Operation Alert 1957'

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

JULY 11, 1957

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 50 years ago:

Norwalk Civil Defense assigned role in coming weekend testing

Norwalk's role in "Operation Alert 1957," the national Civil Defense training exercise to be launched without further notice sometime over the weekend starting tomorrow, was outlined today by Al Westrick, local director of Civil Defense.

For the purposes of the exercises, Norwalk and the Huron County area have been designated as one of the areas which would take care of people evacuated from the Cleveland and Cuyahoga County target area.

A skeleton force from the local Civil Defense units will be mobilized during the exercise to relay information to state agencies, Mr. Westrick stated.

Did you know?

By J.H. Williams

Some of the older residents of Huron County will remember "Billie Broome," a character of the county for many years. In fact, he was well known throughout most of northern Ohio.

"Billie" was a dissolute character and was said to have been born in New York state sometime in the 1830s. He came to Huron County shortly after the close of the Civil War and engaged in the moulders trade. During the war he was a member of the 12th Ohio Regiment and at the time was making his home in Greenwich, where he is said to have fallen in love with a young woman of that village who later refused to marry him.

From that time on he spent his life in idleness and in drinking. He never married and his wanderings covered about all of the northern part of the state. He was an inveterate drinker and his diet was largely stale beer and articles picked out of restaurant garbage cans.

His resting places at night were in barns and haystacks. He was a frequent visitor to Norwalk where the police gathered him in as often as he came. Sometime in the early years of the 1900s he was stricken with a heart attack and taken to the county home, from which place he escaped. Being again apprehended he was adjudged insane and taken to the Toledo hospital where he died in 1907 and was buried in the cemetery at the hospital. Everyone knew Billie Broome and his name was a household word throughout the county in the days of my youth.

City seeking applicants

for jobs as firemen

Chief William Lohman announced today that he has been authorized to receive applications from men seeking appointment as volunteer or full-time members of the Norwalk Fire Department.

Chief Lohman said that there are openings at the present time on the Department's roster for six more men to serve as volunteers and that there is the possibility of one full time appointment being authorized in the near future. The addition of four more full time drivers in the department will be permitted if the one-mill levy to be submitted to the voters at the next election in November is approved.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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