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BLAST FROM THE PAST Church to be decorated

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 PM

MAY 24, 1931

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 76 years ago:

Decorators beautifying local church

The congregation of the Baptist Church is having the interior of the church proper and the Sunday school department on the first floor decorated by experts of the Radcliff Co. of Toledo. Work has been completed in the auditorium but the room will not be used tomorrow for services. The decorating of the Sunday school room will be done next week. The ground color scheme of the painting work in the auditorium is ivory and the general effects are highly restful and satisfying.

This paper has interesting news about your old friends

An ad promoting the content of the Reflector-Herald read as follows:

Whenever you find an item about someone you used to know, or see the picture of a once-familiar place, there's an extra thrill in the news of the day. Fading memories grow bright ... in a flash you begin to "remember when -"

Actually every newspaper you read is full of good news about friends of yours ... friends that come into your home every day to help get the work done .. friends you take with you when you go out ... friends that make life easier, brighter, richer.

These friends are the foods, the clothes, the furnishings the many modern comforts you meet in the advertisements. You know them well ... know how they look and what they can do. Naturally you like to read all the news about them, for even old friends are constantly changing, growing more interesting, offering new ideas.

Advertisements bring you fresh and reliable news of things you could hardly do without. Form the good habit of reading them thoroughly every day. Watch them for news of your friends old and new.

Class night at high school

Class night took place last evening at the high school in charge of the Senior Class of 1931. There was a good attendance and no charge was made.

The scene was the opening night at Coconut Grove and Leighton Battles announced the various celebrities and entertainers. Edythe Weidemaier and Mrs. Goodrich were the pianists for the evening. The following was the program:

Medley Chorus

Singing Acrobats Josephine Borgia, Evelyn Kratzer

Class Will written by William Montgomery and read by Don Harrison

Wabash Moon Elizabeth Brick

Dance Specialty, Dancing Tambourines Harriette Wilcox, Mardelle Lamm, Don May, Grace Dooley, Harry Bishman

Harmonica Solo Shirley Kellog

Dramatic Reading Mildred Mooney

Two Pianos Edythe Weidemaier, Harriette Wilcox

My Beta Girl solo - Edmundo Garcia

Cornet Solo Karl Kotasek

Author's Reading Gilbert Burton

Dance Specialty, Whistling in Dark Grace Dooley, Mardelle Lamm and Harriette Wilcox

Class Prophecy written by Myrtle Zeller and read by Granville Scott.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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