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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:43 PM

MAY 18, 1925

The top story in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 82 years ago:

Farmer lifted and blown 150 feet in tornado sweeping county Saturday

What was doubtless the most destructive tornado in the history of Huron County, caused injuries to a number of persons completely destroyed many houses and barns, uprooted thousands of trees and caused freakish affairs to happen that seem almost beyond belief, early Saturday evening.

William Lucal, a resident of the farm of William Rogers at Hartland Ridge, while standing in the barnyard, was lifted into the air. He was carried over a hedge fence, across the north and south road, and landed, badly hurt, in a when field 150 feet away.

Damage will amount to many thousands of dollars. Little cyclone insurance was carried. Boards, stones, pieces of slate roof, and other objects were hurled with such force that they penetrated trees, buildings and fences. It is said that wheat straws were forced several inches into boards.

The tornado appeared to reach its greatest intensity in northeastern Hartland twp. and western Clarksville Township.

The following is a partial list of cyclone casualties in this county:

William Local, Hartland Ridge, carried 150 feet from barnyard to wheat field; back badly injured; 10 stitches taken in wound in head

Mrs. Albert Algar, near Hartland Ridge, severely hurt about the head

Mrs. Peter Heimbauch of White Fox, severely burned when thrown upon cook stove.

The devastation that occurred at Hartland Ridge is almost indescribable. Where the two schoolhouses stood remain nothing but the foundations and a mass of wreckage, 50 feet or so from the foundations. Hard a large force of men been given several days, they could not have razed the two school buildings and removed every scrap of wood from the foundations to any greater degree.

Rev. Lane Barton to be ordained here on June 3

The Rev. Lane Barton, in whom all Norwalk feels a lively interest, will be ordained a priest of the Episcopal Church on Wednesday, June 3. He was ordained a deacon last June and has been in charge of St. Mark's Church, Shelby, and of the mission at Galion, where he has been doing excellent work.

Activities for Class of 1925 to start soon

June is the month of graduates as well as brides as can plainly be seen by looking over the list of activities scheduled for this year's graduating class from Norwalk High.

Friday afternoon, May 22, the seniors stage their annual stunt program for the other classes. The chairman of the committee in charge, Miss Katherine Gallup, hinted as some mysterious business afoot. Then on June 5th the annual picnic of the whole high school will be held at Ruggles Beach and anyone lucky enough to have attended one of these affairs knows what that means.

The seniors have asked Rev. Garcia to preach their class sermon to them Sunday, June 7th, in the Methodist Church.

On the 10th the senior class play, "Come Out of the Kitchen," will be presented in the high school auditorium.

The evening of the 11th has been chosen for the annual junior-senior promenade at the parish home.

Friday evening, June 12, marks the close of activities with the commencement exercises in the high school auditorium.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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