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Animals real winners of contest

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:48 PM

I have been a member of the Huron County Humane Society for many years. I met a great group of people with a worthy cause and joined to help build the current facility on Woodlawn Avenue. For the "Grand Opening" I asked former Norwalk Reflector publisher, Steve Trosley, if we (the Reflector) could sponsor a "Cutest Pet" contest to help raise funds to support the day-to-day operations. Building a building is only a part of the operation, funds were needed to keep it running. Generously, he accepted and one of the biggest fundraisers for the HCHS was started.

Each year since the grand opening, the Norwalk Reflector has sponsored this event. The advertising department has gathered sponsors and prizes and has donated much space to promote and encourage this event. Our new publisher, Andy Prutsok, volunteered space on our new Web site to showcase all of the entries. Schild's IGA also provided space for gathering votes to help the success of this fundraiser. I'm proud this community as a whole could put "Fun" in a fundraiser.

This year, unfortunately, there was a controversy on how the votes were tabulated and who the winner actually was. The true winners are the animals. No one, including members of the Humane Society, profit from this or any fundraiser. The votes were tabulated and a recount was done to verify the results. Because this was a fundraiser, receipts were given to all who voted. (Votes counted at Schild's were tabulated without receipts).

To stop any problems or controversy, Kathy Olak has graciously ceded first place to Chezna Boswell.

The volunteers of the HCHS are to be congratulated on all the hard work for this event and the many other events throughout the year that raise funds for the animals. Many hours are given and miles are walked to provide for homeless animals.

Next year the rules of the contest will change slightly so that there will be only one winner. Congratulations to all who entered and thanks to all who voted. You are all winners.

Mary Magyar

Norwalk Reflector

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