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Animal cruelty suspected in Wakeman

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM

WAKEMAN - The Wakeman Police Department is investigating suspected animal cruelty after someone found a cat Saturday with an arrow stuck through it.

Chief Tim Hunker said the gray cat without a collar was still alive when police arrived on Hyde Street about 9:45 a.m. The resident had taken out the "target arrow" and then took the cat to the Vermilion Regional Vet Clinic in Wakeman.

The cat had to be put to sleep.

"A representative from the clinic later told police that the animal had multiple puncture wounds as if the cat had been used for target practice," Hunker said.

"We have had very few cases of animal cruelty," the chief continued.

"The last serious animal cruelty reported was when someone had been poisoning cats on Pleasant Street with antifreeze (a few years ago). Animal cruelty can turn into (a) felony when there are multiple offenses."

It is unknown who is responsible for Saturday's incident. Hunker said police are continuing to search for the suspect.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Wakeman Police Department at (440) 839-2511.

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