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Alternative fuels promoted in Norwalk

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

The price of gas Wednesday at Sunrise Fuels Plus in Norwalk $3.29 per gallon. The price of E85 Ethanol $2.79 per gallon.

At 50-cents difference per gallon, Erika Wiggins had all the backing she needed to promote Clean Fuels Ohio's "Energy Independence Tour."

Wiggins met with Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch and local residents at Wednesday morning's stop the eighth on a nine-stop tour which wrapped up in Oberlin.

A caravan of flexible fuel vehicles and vehicles fueled with biodiesel set out across Ohio Monday to draw attention to the growing availability of biodiesel and ethanol for Ohio consumers, explain benefits of using biofuels, and clear up some common myths about biofuels.

The Clean Fuels Ohio Energy Independence Tour, presented by Ohio Corn Growers Association and Ohio's Tomorrow, circled Ohio, making stops at biofuels retail stations along the way. Caravan drivers also helped motorists determine if their vehicles are among the hundreds of thousands capable of using either E85 ethanol or biodiesel.

"Biofuels is a great choice," said Wiggins, who pointed out there are "seven or eight ethanol plants coming on line in Ohio in the next 12 months."

For more information, contact Clean Fuels Ohio Executive Director Sam Spofforth at Sam@CleanFuelsOhio.org.

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