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Alcohol-in-park plan dead

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:47 PM

Alcohol at Berry's Restaurant in the park is a dead issue. At least it is for now.

The ordinance, proposed by Councilman Bob Carleton, was left at the table Tuesday night.

"There was never a formal vote on it," Councilman Chris Mushett said. "It was up for vote and it died for a lack of a second. Once that was defeated, the resolution had to be defeated. We could not deliver on the alcohol part because it is illegal to serve alcohol in city parks."

Berry's has a lease to serve food in Bresson Park and that practice can continue. "The serving of food in the park is a separate lease," Mushett said.

Restaurant owner Doug Berry has said serving alcohol along with meals in the park would help his business. It was discussed last year, "but we never formally dealt with it because there was no legislation," Mushett said.

"(Law Director) Stu O'Hara is looking at a way to put together other legislation. If there is new legislation the process will be brought up all over again," Mushett said.

"We have a work session Tuesday and it is possible if he brings something to us it could go back on the agenda for the July 10 meeting. If he has something council has the option 'do we want to put it on the agenda or do we not?'"

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