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Agency can help seniors pay for drugs

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:49 PM

Huron County seniors may be unaware about how Senior Enrichment Services of Huron County can help them pay for their prescription drugs.

The organization's Senior Drug Assistance Program allows qualified senior Huron County residents to take advantage of various drug programs now being offered. Benefits range from the pharmaceutical companies' indigent programs to the Senior Enrichment Voucher Program.

To qualify, you must be 60 or older and a Huron County resident; be without any private or government prescription drug coverage, including Medicare Part D and meet income eligibility requirements. To show you meet the requirements, you must provide proof of income, proof of prescription and a form of picture identification.

Pam Woodruff, social services coordinator for Senior Enrichment Services of Huron County, researches drug programs which allow eligible seniors to receive prescription drugs at a minimal fee or free. The application fee for this program is $2.

Enrichment Services also offers a voucher program to purchase drugs seniors need. The voucher program costs $5.

Some of the options seniors have to help them foot their prescription drug costs include:

Medicare D Drug Plan. These plans are with private insurance companies and require a monthly premium, possibly a yearly deductible and you also pay a portion of the cost of the drug. The next open enrollment period is in November. If you are just retiring and signing up for Medicare A and B, you can also select a Medicare D plan. There are exceptions for low-income seniors. Only social security can determine if you are low-income subsidy eligible and therefore, will pay no premium or deductibles and pay a reduced drug price.

Patient Assistance Programs: These are sponsored by the drug companies that offer drugs at a reduced rate or free.

Medicaid Programs: There is a partial Medicaid program that will pay your Medicare Part B premium and free up $93.50 a month.

Voucher Program: Senior Enrichment Services offers this for emergency prescriptions. There is a $5 application fee for up to $100 toward the cost of the drug.

Discount cards.

"There are options out there, seek them out," Woodruff said. "We can get (seniors) in the right direction."

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