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Activity: Seed deeds

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:48 PM

If you and your children are looking for some winter fun, consider going on a seed-collecting expedition.

Gardens may still have some seed-bearing plants left over, and weeds and other plants in the yard and along the roadways, in parks or vacant lots offer up a treasure-trove of seeds to examine once the snow melts, of course.

Thinking about seeds gets us in a springtime frame of mind. They are such amazing little packets of potential.

Here are two activities to try:

1. Gather as many seeds as you can (bring along an envelope for each gatherer). Once you bring the seeds home, sort them by size and shape. Notice the incredible variety! Can you remember what kind of plant produced which seed? Can you guess what the plant looks like when it is green and alive?

2. Watch the seeds germinate. Fill a lidded glass jar with cotton or line it with paper towels. Put some seeds between the cotton or paper and the glass. Add about a half inch of water and screw on the jar lid to keep the environment moist inside. Put the jar in a warm place and observe it over a period of several days.

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