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Abstinence-only ed the best solution for teens

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:52 PM

EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter was addressed to the Norwalk School Board Members.

I know you have people in place trying to formulate an approach to sex education. I absolutely support an abstinence based education, and it is the desire of parents and students that this be the new curriculum implemented for health education in our school system.

Such a health curriculum would inspire students to focus on the importance of self respect, values, self control, positive attitudes, setting goals and reaching them. They will find themselves making wise choices, not only about sex but positive choices for their future.

The emotional wholeness that can be achieved in this type of teaching is not only necessary, it is vital.

Teaching abstinence is not mentioning it in class or suggesting it as an option, it is a lifestyle, it is pride in yourself, it is a moral value, a standard of living. All of which can be learned; taught by someone or a school system, that lives by that very passion. And from what I hear, we all do. I have not heard from one person that this is not a good approach to a healthy attitude and successful life.

Educators agree to it, children are asking for it and parents are desperate for it. Please don't turn your head to a curriculum that will benefit our youth in a positive way, for generations to come.

I also support Random Drug Testing, I feel that drugs and sex are issues that go hand in hand. If you are doing one, you are most likely to do the other. Heroin is on the rise and is a serious issue in Norwalk City Schools. Inhalants, alcohol and marijuana are among the popular drugs currently in use as well. Children are using prescription drugs that they find in their own homes. Please, our children are in serious trouble and help for them has been long over due. Please partner with parents to help Norwalk's youth.

Shannon Kiser


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