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AGRI-BUSINESS NEWS AND NOTES - Have you finished your DCP contract?

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:45 PM

We have many producers in both Huron and Erie County who have started their DCP contracts but have not finalized them.

You may need cash rent statements from your owners, signature authority, or signatures for share farms. This missing supporting documentation is preventing us from finalizing your contract and issuing your advance payments. If you have any questions about your contract status for this year give the office a call and see what is holding up your payment. The deadline for signing into the DCP program has been extended to Aug. 3. For the producers who have not yet signed into the program you need to call the office and schedule an appointment to get your contract in place for the 2007 year. As soon as your contract is approved we can issue your 22 percent advance payment for this year. Final payments for the balance due for the program are issued in October.

Here are some agri-business notes from the Huron and Erie County Farm Service Agency:

Time to certify: Are you ready to certify? If you have finished planting your crops for 2007 you are.

Just call your FSA office and make your appointment to certify your land uses for this year. Appointments are required to allow us the time to gather your folders, copy your maps, and prepare for your visit. Calling ahead will save everyone time. Without an appointment we may not be able to service you when you visit the office. You will need to bring your planting dates with you for each of your crops. The deadline to certify your wheat and other small grains is June 30. For all corn, soybeans, vegetables, and CRP land you have until July 15 to report.

Other important reporting issues to remember is that failed acreage must be reported within 15 days of the disaster event and before disposition of the crop. Prevented planting must be reported no later than 15 days after the final planting date. A certification of your crop acreage each year is required for producers participating in most FSA programs including: Direct and Counter-cyclical Program (DCP), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Marketing Assistant Loans, LDP's, Non-Insured Crop Assistance Program (NAP), and disaster programs. Without the proper certification on file, you will not be eligible for benefits. Filing by the deadlines will save you money too. Acreage reports may be accepted after the deadlines, however, a late filing fee will be charged. Late file fees this year have increased to a minimum of $46 per farm.

CRP acreage seedings due CRP participants seeding their acreage this spring are reminded to notify FSA when the seeding is completed and to submit all bills for seed, fertilizer, and labor that have been incurred to our office. Producers unable to finish the seeding by the required deadline may request an extension with the County Committee. Extension requests must list the reason for the delay and a new timetable for completion. Keep in mind the new seeding requirements are in effect. Producers will be required to furnish labels from the seed used verifying the seed has been purchased from a vendor approved by ODA before cost share can be issued.

Location of farm records Until recently the county administrative office for program participants was basically the county office in which the principal farm operator resided. Now a change in a farm's administrative county may be permitted without completing a farm combination in the receiving county, if the producer documents that the receiving administrative county office is significantly more convenient. Changing an administrative county office because of convenience is a one time selection and will not be used to evade program rules.

Diana Strouse is the county executive director for the Huron and Erie County Farm Service Agency. For more information, call the agency at (419) 668-4113.

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