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A gift from Greece

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

Great things come from Greece: Words like “atlas” and “Achilles”, and legends like “The Odyssey” and the story of Troy.

But what about the food?

For that, Greece has blessed Norwalk with Angel Revelas.

“Many people are familiar with the cuisine and ask me to prepare things. Often times people ask for baklava for a fundraiser or benefit.”

Revelas’s parents came to the United States from Greece and brought her up in Warren, Ohio. The Greek influence in her life was significant. “I grew up in a home where there was a lot of cooking and baking. My

parents were really good cooks,” Revelas said.

Food is a central part of hospitality. Traditional Greek foods can always be found on holidays or at get-togethers. Revelas named a few: spanakopita (spinach pie), tiropita (cheese pie), pastitsio (macaroni baked with béchamel sauce), lamb, shish kabobs, and grape leaves.

“I was always impressed with how my mom could create a feast when guests dropped in, even at the last minute” Revelas said. She mostly ate Greek food growing up, and the culture is still a part of her family. Her husband, Dr. James Revelas, a local podiatrist, is from Youngstown but is also of Greek decent. They have two children, Celeste, 17, and Jordan, 12. Celeste’s favorite dish is tiropita, and Jordan’s specialty is breakfast.

Dr. Revelas loves to grill, but “I like to bake and make things with dough, like bread and homemade pizza with different cheeses and vegetables” Revelas said. But her favorite thing to make is spanakopita, always a crowd-pleaser.

Revelas said that for her, cooking Greek food is part of a routine, but along with that she enjoys reading, going to the beach and discovering new, unique restaurants. She has visited Greece four times, and was impressed with how fresh and available everything was there. Often in cooking or grilling here, she uses meats and sliced vegetables with olive oil and seasoning to give the food a fresh taste.

The feature recipe is baklava, a heavy favorite in the community. “My friends text message me asking for my mom’s baklava,” Celeste said.

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