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6&U activity: Muffin Mix

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:49 PM

If your baby is a picky eater or a picky person, in general here's a game that makes it fun to be picky. And this game is tasty, too, since your baby can eat the game materials as you play.

You need:

Muffin tin

Six types of dry cereals, oat rings, rice cereal, flaked cereal, shaped cereal, etc.

Six bowls


1. Pour a small amount of each cereal into a separate bowl.

2. Set the bowls in a row on the table.

3. Set the muffin tin behind the bowls, within easy reach of your baby.

4. Place one piece of each cereal into each of the six muffin cups each cereal should have its own cup.

5. Ask your baby to match the bowls of cereal to the samples in the muffin tin.

6. Have her fill each muffin cup with the matching cereal, using her fingers.

7. Tell your baby she can eat some of the cereals as she plays.

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