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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Busy Needles

Busy Needles 4-H Club met June 4 at United Methodist Church. The pledges were led by Steven Hahn. Roll call was taken by answering with a safety tip. The family picnic will be at 6 p.m. July 23 at Veterans Memorial Lake Park. Demonstrations were given by Steven Hahn on paint sprayer and Emmy Linder on the proper way to wash your hands. Taylor Brooks gave a safety presentation.

Justine White

Lyme Clever Clovers

Lyme Clever Clovers held there 8th meeting June 26 at Seybert Methodist Church. Roll call was taken by naming something healthy. Secretary's report was given by Jamie Savage. The treasurer's report was given by Jacklyn Scheid. Janet Scheid told the members important dates they needed to know. Megan gave a demonstration about how to scrapbook. Health officer Emily Bollenbacher gave a talk about how to stay healthy. The next meeting was Tuesday at Seybert Methodist Church.

Jessica Brown

Town and Country

The Town and Country 4-H club met Monday at the North Fairfield United Methodist Church. The pledges were led by Chris Morgan. Roll call was taken by giving a safety tip or rule. Health tip was to brush your teeth every day. Madison Ott was to give her health meeting she brought in a speaker from Fisher Titus, Veronica Ott, and demonstrated on how to have a healthy back.

Issac Kehres suggested having a game at the North Fairfield Peach Festival. The club planted flowers earlier in the year would like to do it again. Jake Rhine moved that the club clean the benches at the fairgrounds at the next meeting and meet an hour early. The club also decided that with some of the money it made off of the game at the Greenwich festival, pizza and pop will be purchased for next meeting's refreshments.

The club also decided it will not have an outing this year. The advisors reported that project tour is at 6 p.m. today. Demonstrations were given by Jake Rhine on giving the proper way to measure flour, Dillon Bettac on the types of table saw blades, Hali Vogel on what you need to pack in a show box, Jeremiah Adams on how to dehorn a calf, and Hannah Vogel on hog ear notching. The next meeting will be held at the Huron County Fairgrounds at 6 p.m. July 23.

Samantha Sweeting

Wakeman Blue Ribbon

The Wakeman Blue Ribbon 4-H Club met Monday at Mike Swan's home. The Cloverbuds led the pledges to open the meeting. Roll call was completed with 11 members present.

There was no unfinished business.

Under new business, the club discussed having a float in the Wakeman Fireman's Festival Parade July 29. Mike Swan gave a demonstration on paper airplanes. Nathan King did a demonstration on cow harnesses. All club members gave updates on the progress of their projects.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. July 23 at Jessica and Colton Puder's house.

Jessica Puder

Ridgefield Country Kids

In the youth organization of 4-H the "H's stand for head, heart, hands and health. With this in mind the Ridgefield Country Kids 4-H recently visited the Center Of Science Industry (COSI) in Toledo as an educational trip.

Because the club was one of the Top Honor Clubs in the county last year, the group received some money from the county 4-H program as an award and it had to be used to do something educational. To be one of the top honor clubs the group had to participate in numerous activities within the county. Those activities included helping at camp, money making projects, Easter Seals collections, Salvation Army volunteers, donating money to others in need, community service activities, youth projects, leadership activity involvement and countless other activities throughout the year.

The group decided to visit COSI in Toledo, it a non-profit hands on science

Center museum, located on the riverfront in downtown Toledo. The museum has some 300 exhibits and some of the exhibits change from week to week. There are numerous activities for youth and adults of all ages. Some of the exhibits included the mind zone, sports, life force, space, exploration, bubbles and engineering. Some of the exhibits are not only hands on but can also be ridden on.

The group also went to eat locally in Toledo at the Spaghetti Warehouse.

Makayla Roth

Cloverbud Camp

The 2007 Huron County Cloverbud Camp took place June 22 at Camp Conger in North Fairfield. The 2007 camp was themed "Blast Off!" and taught and entertained 72 kindergarten through second grade-aged campers. Along with about 20 volunteers the children learned about how it is to be a 4-H camper in Huron County for one day so that when they are actual 4-H members they will know what to expect. The day was themed around rockets and airplanes and the children participated in activities to learn how some air bound transportation works.

Robert Gray a local farmer brought his Ultra-lite airplane, also known as a Power Parachute, and taught the children how he uses his plane and the different uses for it. It was a way for the children to see that there are different planes other than the ones they are used to seeing and understanding that farmers use planes to help grow their crops.

The children were able to help launch pop bottle rockets filled with air and water across the ball field at camp. They compared how the different bottles flew and which would go farther. They also made their own kites to fly, out of recycled newspaper, which actually worked.

The campers also learned about some other valuable things down at camp. The Willard assistant fire chief taught the children about fire safety, including escape routes, how to get out of a house safely, and how to check smoke detectors. A representative from the Erie County Soil and Water came to teach the campers about different wildlife around Ohio, their habitats and shared animal skins. They went on a nature hike to learn about plants and animals that are found around our area and some weeds, like poison ivy, to be aware of touching. The campers also participated in other craft making, recreation, camp song singing and snacks, as well as lunch.

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