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4-H news

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Classy Clovers

This club met June 24 at Carrie Hinckley and Rachel Palm's house. Jessica Riley led the club in saying the pledges.

Everyone who attended 4-H camp in the past two weeks gave a report on camp. Robyn Pelham, Ben Jenkins, and Ashley Riley attended Intermediate Camp; Rachel Palm, Michael Pylant, Nathan Pylant, and Peter Jenkins attended Junior Camp and Alexis Hinckley went to Cloverbud Camp.

Carrie Hinckley served as a Junior Camp counselor. All reported that they had a good time and would probably go back again next year.

Cori Margetiak reported that the club's donation to the Huron County Humane Society was delivered and they appreciated the donations.

Members decorated three trash barrels to be used at the fairgrounds.

Demonstrations were given by Oakley Shane on breeds of dogs and Alexis Hinckley showed how to make a pencil holder from a tin can.

The next meeting will be at 3 p.m. July 8 at Ashley, Courtney and Jessica Riley's house. Members will work on filling out fair entry cards at the next meeting.

Refreshments were served by Carrie Hinckley and Rachel Palm.

Robyn Pelham, reporter

Town and Country

The club met June 11 at the United Methodist church in North Fairfield.

Issac Kehres led the pledges.

The safety tip was don't go boating without a life jacket.

Unfinished business included that at the Greenwich Festival, the club will partake in a one-shot basketball game to raise money.

New business included whether or not the club would buy shirts. The club decided that everyone can get a T-shirt, sweat shirt, or a hat and the club will pay for $5 worth for each member. Demonstrations were given by Jared Chandler on how to process a baby pig, Logan Bettac on telescopes, Issac Kehres on stamp concrete, Alicia Lortcher on how to make ice cream in a bag, Jay Schwanger on how to polish chrome or stainless steel and Jennifer Morgan on how to make clay flowers.

Dillon and Logan Bettac and Brandon and Evan Walcher served refreshments.

The club met again June 25 at the North Fairfield United Methodist Church.

Issac Kehres led the pledges.

Committee reports included safety and treasurer. The safety tip was to always wear safety gear while riding a bike, and the treasurer, Jennifer Morgan, reported that the club currently had a balance of $357.80.

Unfinished business included that the club members will be meeting at Jake Rhines house on Tuesday and possibly Thursday if needed to work on the float for the Greenwich parade. For the parade, members are also required to bring a bag of candy to throw out during the parade.

Demonstrations were given by Ashlee Traxler on how to make a lampshade and Maddie Vogel on how to clean a Betta Fish Tank.

Refreshments were given by Jake Rhine and Hali and Hannah Vogel.

The next meeting will be July 9.

Samantha Sweeting, reporter

Tri-Community Bits & Pieces

This club held their meeting June 24 at the old school in North Fairfield.

Kenneth Clagett called the meeting to order.

The club raised $267.63 from the bake sale.

In new business the club will be holding another bake sale to have enough money to go to Monsoon Lagoon on the club's fun day.

Members will be combining the Easter Seals balloon sale with this bake sale. The bake sale will be held at the North Fairfield American Legion on July 27.

There was no recreation at this meeting. Refreshments was left-over baked goods from the bake sale.

Demonstrations were done by Tiffany Morris on how to build a birdhouse, Bret Whiteside on what goats eat, Joshua Green on using blueprint tools, Travis Gayheart on birdhouses, Lauren Green on how to groom a cat, Megan Gayheart on colors. This meeting was also the safety meeting.

Corbin McQuillen asked members from the North Fairfield Fire Department to talk to the club about the equipment used during fires and accidents. They showed the club members parts of a fire truck and the medical equipment used.

The next meeting will at 6 p.m. July 22 at the old school in North Fairfield.

Kayla Slone, reporter

Lyme Producers

Demonstrations were given by Tim Davlin, James Kreglow, Tara Eisenhauer, Allison Tommas, Rachael Kreglow, Chase Eisenhauer, Kirstin Good, Melanie Kreglow and Erin Tommas.

The 4-H fun dance is July 7.

The last quality assurance meeting is July 9 at the administration building.

There are several changes to the 2007 fair rules, so club members should pay close attention.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. July 9 at the Lyme Grange.

Melanie Kreglow, reporter

Northside Country Kids

The club met June 24 at the Infirmary Cemetery on Shady Lane Drive.

Club members placed pavers under a second bench, applied wood preservative to both benches, weeded, planted additional annuals an perennials and mulched the four flower beds.

Gabby Oney brought her Nigerian Dwarf goat "Callie" and did a presentation on the care and feeding of her goat. The cloverbuds demonstrated how to plant a flower with Gavin Blanton, digging a hole, Braydon putting a flower in the hole, Matthew Sickinger watering the flower and Michael Sickinger putting soil around the roots.

The next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Sunday at St. Alphonsus.

4-Leaf Clovers

The club met June 19 at the St. Alphonsus Hall. The pledges were led by Andy Pylant.

Officer reports were given by Lauren Brown, Aaron Gates, Nick Nay, Andy Pylant, and Alexis Borgerding. Lauren Brown read off the minutes from the last meeting. Aaron Gates read what was in the bank.

Nick Nay read the calendar of upcoming events. Andy Pylant gave a news report. Also Alexis Borgerding gave a safety tip about how you should not run with scissors. For unfinished business, members discussed how much money they gave out in donations. Also the advisers passed out T-shirts.

For new business, members discussed fun activities.

Demonstrations were given by Nick Nay, Andy Pylant and Tanner Smith. Nick Nay gave a demonstration about rabbits. Andy Pylant gave a demonstration about cameras. Tanner Smith gave a demonstration about his self determined project. Refreshments were provided by Andy Pylant and Nick Nay. Recreation was led by Liz Lambert and we played Ships and Sailors.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the St. Alphonsus Hall.

Andy Pylant, reporter

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