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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:47 PM

Northside Country Kids

The club met June 3 at the Hamerniks. Members voted to sponsor beginning sewing and cooking awards and a quilting trophy for the Huron County Fair.

Demonstrations included "how to make a graham cracker crust" by Jenna Schafer, "effects of different grades of sandpaper" by Andrew Clark and a team vegetable tasting activity by Geena Freriks.

Refreshments were ice cream sandwiches. Recreation was card games.

The next meeting will be at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Infirmary Cemetery on Shady Lane Drive.

Huron Valley Go-Getters

The club met June 12. The meeting was a safety meeting and Mikaela Cok (safety officer) did a talk on lightning safety. She talked about what to do, what to have in a safety, and she asked did-you-know questions to the club members.

Gavin Buurma brought refreshments.

The next meeting, which is a health meeting, is Tuesday.

Caytlyn Cok, reporter

Lyme Producers

Demonstrations were given by: Angela Yingling, Kirsten Good, Kelly Kaltenbach, Amanda Fooce, Tara Eisenhauer, Jade Werner, Victoria Daiello and Chucky Werner.

The health and safety speaking contest is on Tuesday and two of the club members will be participating in that this year.

The next quality assurance meeting is July 9 and this is the last one.

July 7 is the 4-H fun dance.

July 9 is when books are due.

July 14 is the rabbit skillathon, which is mandatory for showmanship.

The next meeting is at 7 p.m. Monday and will be held at Lyme Grange.

Melanie Kreglow, reporter

Ridgefield Country Kids

The club held its seventh meeting at The First United Methodist Church in Norwalk. The group talked about Easter Seals and Bake sale combination, which was to be held at a local department store. Money from the bake sale would be presented to a local family in need. The location for the group's educational trip was decided upon, with COSI in Toledo being the location. The group decided that at their next meeting they would go on a physical fitness Bike ride at the North Coast inland trail before their next and then have pizza at the meeting! Demonstrations were given by Charlie Prindle on trains and by Andrew Smith on bike riding adventures.

The group's eighth meeting took place at the First United Methodist Church The meeting started out with a bike ride and then pizza during the meeting. Details of the clubs educational trip were finalized with the group going to COSI in Toledo and then the Spaghetti Warehouse at the end of June. The group set the date to plant flowers at the fairgrounds and to work at 4-H Camp Conger. Jenna gave a demonstration on dancing.

The 9th meeting was held June 5 at The First United Methodist Church. The safety meeting was on safety supplies for your vehicle. Final details were made on jobs that need to be done at Camp Conger and final details for the trip were also talked about. A recreational activity was planned to play Put- Put and then get ice cream. Club members decided to work at the Norwalk Salvation Army on July 28. The club picnic will be on July 15 at the Jaycee Park. Club members will then fill out fair entry cards. Demonstrations were given by Katelyn Stahl on making a blue jean purse and by Kristen Stahl on their educational family trip, Magan Salmons gave her demonstration on how to make a bird house out of a milk jug.

Makayla Roth, reporter

Wakeman Wizards

The third meeting of the club was held at the home of Morgan Muschitz on April 22. There were 10 members and three Cloverbuds present. The club discussed buying pledge banners and flags to be used at the meetings. Adviser Stephanie Dalton announced to the club that they were named an Honor Club for 2006. Boen Dalton, Colton Braker, and Julianna Pabst attended the Grade A banquet. Member Kirsten Matthews was congratulated for being the highest seller in the county for the frozen food sale. The club discussed the flower sale. The club voted to donate fifty dollars to the Community Minded Fair Supporters. Cloverbud members created picture frames with the help of Bob and Sharon Pabst. The meeting was adjourned.

Clay Robson

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