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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:52 PM

Town and Country

The club held its awards ceremony March 12 at the North Fairfield United Methodist Church. Pizza was purchased for club members to eat before receiving their awards. New club members were introduced and welcomed to the club. The club advisers informed all 4-H members about all the projects and new rules. The members received papers to fill out in order to be an officer. After filling out the papers, members received their premium money, year pins, and enrollment forms for the new year.

The club held its first meeting for the year on Monday at the North Fairfield United Methodist Church. The meeting was led by president Samantha Sweeting. The meeting started by saying the pledges and then moving on to new business. The club decided on having $1 dues that every member will be expected to pay. The members of the club also voted on who will hold offices for the year. Votes were counted and results are as follows: President, Jay Schwanger; vice president, Chris Morgan; secretary, Stormie Duren; news reporter, Samantha Sweeting; safety, Evan Walcher; health, Madison Ott; and recreation leaders will be Derek Sweeting and Chandler Gray. Demonstrations were given by Scott Chandler on chain saw safety; Chris Morgan on de-horning a goat; Madison and Danielle Ott on making an Easter Bunny. Refreshments were brought by Scott and Jared Chandler and Chandler Gray. The next meeting will be held April 16.

Samantha Sweeting, reporter

Northside Country Kids

The club met April 1 at St. Alphonsus Hall. Sarah Giles and Simon Gravelle led the flag ceremony. Kaylee Stanley and Marissa played a team-building game with a beach ball. Members discussed the fair booth and activities with their fishing project. Plans were made for various service projects. Meagan Music, Kammi Little and Alyssa Warner were chosen as food and fashion board members. Cloverbuds also did a fish activity. The next meeting will be April 15 and everyone should turn their enrollment forms and projects in at that meeting.

Meagan Music, reporter

The Country Kids

The club held it's third meeting at members Olivia and Megan Doughty's home.

Advisor Tami Kamman passed out the information on the candle sales fundraiser which is to be turned in next meeting. Recycling chairman McKenna Cleary suggested doing the can drive again this year for another way for the group to earn money. The motion was passed and each member is to bring in a bag of cans to the next meeting.

The safety demonstration was given by Ian McCully on electricity and the precautions you should take using electric. Kristen Finch did her health talk on the importance of brushing your teeth. Demonstrations were given by Alex Kamann on the five parts you need to know for your pig judging and Tessa Shank gave hers on what you should feed baby turkeys.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. April 16 at Tami Kamann's house. All fair enrollment forms and money are due at this meeting.

Morgan Barman, reporter

Monroeville Fortune Finders

The third meeting was held on March 27 at St. Joseph's Social Hall.

This meeting was the health meeting. Health officer Andrew Haughwout gave a presentation to the club about fitness using pedometers. The kids wore pedometers to measure how many steps they took while at the meeting.

Demonstrations were given by Nick Bischoff on Healthy Snacks," Kady Gies on "Safe Toys for Tots" and Austin Martin on "Things I Like to Build." A team demo was presented in the form of a game for members to participate in, by Eddie Stieber and George Latteman, on "Farm Safety."

The health theme of the meeting was followed up by the Cloverbuds, who enjoyed a "Fun with Fitness" program organized by Sandy Hooper.

Installation of officers took place at this meeting. And members will be bringing in household cleaners to contribute to the non-food bank in Monroeville at the next few meetings. It was stressed that members complete and turn in their enrollment forms.

A change was noted in the new 2007 program books. The next meeting has been changed to Monday. The club will be given a tour of the Norwalk Police Department that evening as this will be the safety meeting.

Kevin Boehler, reporter

Ridgefield Country Kids 4-H

The fifth meeting was held at the First United Methodist Church in Norwalk.

Club members received a box of candy bars to sell. Profits will go toward club activities and the club's annual trip. In other business members elected a new recreation officer since the previous one decided to no longer be in 4-H.

Emily McKillips was elected to complete the term. The group decided on a work date to take out some landscaping at the fairgrounds and completely redo it. Club members will be raising funds at a local retail store to befit the club and other worthy causes.

Members handed in their yearly informational paper work and the enrollment forms for the projects they want to take this year, along with handing in club dues for the year.

Justin Roth, health officer, gave a presentation on the benefits of Gatorade.

Amelia Ruggles and Emily McKillips gave their demonstrations.

The next meeting will also be held at the church.

Makayla Roth, reporter

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