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4-H News

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Hartland Progressive Farmers

The third meeting of the Hartland Progressive Farmers was held April 15 at the home of advisers Kevin and Linda Zimmerman. The meeting began with pledges. Then we went over old business. Then we confirmed meeting dates and places where the meetings will be held. Then we went over new business and then closed the meeting and handed out refreshments, which were cookies and punch. We had one demonstration. The fourth meeting was held May 20.

Brennan Saunders, news reporter

Hartland Progressive Farmers

The fourth meeting of Hartland Progressive Farmers was held May 20 at Trey and Caleb's house. To start off the meeting we said the pledges. We have one new member. His name is Griffin Cooley. After we all met him we did roll call and that was what was by naming your favorite school subject. After that we went over old business then new business. We formed a constitution committee and two people are Andy Smith and Matt Doughty. We got a donation and we were honor club for the 17th time in a row. Then we talked about the ROY picnic which is short for Reach Our Youth. It is located at the reservoir on Saturday, July 14 and it starts at noon and ends at 2 p.m. Then we talked about if we should donate money to buy the Pocket Pet's trophy. After that we handed out 4-H camp sign-up sheets and then we handed out handouts. Then we talked about fair demonstrations. We also handed out the programs and project books. We had one demonstration. The refreshments that were served were popcorn and juice. The next meeting was June 12 at the Doughtys.

Brennan Saunders, news reporter

Busy Needles

Busy Needles 4-H Club met at United Methodist Church. The pledges were led by Nicole Gillenwater. Roll call was taken by naming your favorite color. Demonstration was done by Nicole Gillenwater on how to make a scrap book. 4-H camp registration is due June 1. Fair booth theme is 4-H Growing the Future. The next meeting was June 4 at United Methodist Church.

Justine White, news reporter

Huron County Junior Dairy

The Huron County Junior Dairy club met on March 6. Officers were elected and are as follows: Caleb Arp, president; Mary Castleberry, vice president; Cady Cherry, secretary; Molly Smith, treasurer; John McKinney, recreation leader; Allison Moyer, safety; Ashlee McClish, health; Matthew Lund, flag bearer. Information regarding fair projects and enrollment sheets were passed out along with cheese sale sheets.

On March 27, community service projects were discussed. The club will finish painting the fence on the west side of the fairgrounds. Cheese was picked up and the constitution was signed. The next meeting is to be April 10 at the old South Central Middle School.

On April 10, programs were handed out. Registrations needed to be handed in today. Demonstrations were done by Lydia Smith on making balloon animals.

On April 24, the club decided to build a bench in memory of Trevor Drake. The bench will be built at the fairgrounds on May 7. Demonstrations were done by Ashlee and Kaylee McClish on hamster care. The next meeting will be on May 8.

On May 8, the bench was completed. Project books were passed out. The club also discussed field trips and reminded members to attend quality assurance.

On May 22, the club discussed float ideas and requested that anyone with ideas should discuss them at the next meeting. The club discussed going canoeing for the field trip. We will possibly go on a Saturday during June. The club had our health meeting. Mr. Cole, from Fisher-Titus, talked about coronary health. The next meeting will be June 7 at Musso's house.

On June 7, the club decided on going canoeing June 27. The club will finish painting the fence and painting the front of the dairy barn at 9 a.m. on June 23. Members are reminded that they need to do demonstrations. Demonstrations were done by Allison Lund, Mathew Lund, Courtney Lund, Calvin Reily, Megan Musso and Caitlyn Alexander.

The next meeting will be June 19 at the Arp's house.

Lydia Smith, news reporter

Lyme Clever Clovers

This club held its seventh meeting on June 5 at the Norwalk Rec. Center. Roll Call was name a safety tip. Secretaries report and treasuries report were said and approved. Candy sale money was turned in. Jacob Savage and Clement Scheid gave demonstrations on safety of archery. Byran Marcum from the Norwalk park and rec department gave us a demonstration on archery and archery safety. Then he showed each member how to shoot a bow and arrow safely and correctly. Members enjoyed learning about archery at this meeting. The next meeting is June 26 at Seybert Methodist Church.

Jessica Brown, News Reporter

4-Leaf Clovers

The 4-Leaf Clovers 4-H group met June 5 at St. Alphonsus Hall. The pledges were led by Makayla Hite. Roll call was "What is your favorite T.V. show or movie." Officer reports were given by Nick Nay, Tanner Smith and Alexis Borgerding. Nick read off the calendar of upcoming events up until our next scheduled meeting.

Tanner gave a health tip about using sunscreen in the summer. Alexis gave a safety tip about keeping your dogs on leashes. The unfinished business was the committee reports. We talked about where we want to give donations. We also talked about our T-shirts. We discussed what color and design we wanted.

Also for unfinished business, we discussed float options and which parades we wanted to do. For new business, we discussed fun activities that we wanted to do. A demonstration was given by Lauren Brown on quick breads. Refreshments were provided by Darion Brooks and Jessica Crane. Recreation was led by Liz Lambert and we played Big Froggie. The next meeting will be at 7 p.m., June 19 at the St. Alphonsus Hall.

Andy Pylant, reporter

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