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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Hartland Progressive Farmers

The Hartland Progressive Farmers' fifth meeting was held May 12 at Doughty's house.

Pledges started the meeting. Our club signed a thank-you card to Dave Roesch of Roesch Associates office supplies. He donated a green ink and pad for the club's 4-H stamp. Club members voted to sell candles as a fund-raiser.

Chris Doughty demonstrated how to check car tire pressure and fill tires. Sarah Doughty demonstrated how to make popcorn with an electric popcorn maker. Club members voted to help with the soup kitchen and Salvation Army.

The sixth meeting of Hartland Progressive Farmers was held June 26 at Keane Riley's house. Domonique Vogel went over beach safety and how to protect your skin. Keane Riley demonstrated how to make ice coffee. Refreshments were served after the meeting. The seventh meeting will be held at Brennan and Curtis Saunders' house.

Brennan Saunders, reporter

Wakeman Blue Ribbon

The Wakeman Blue Ribbon 4-H Club met June 25 at the home of Richard Bolden. The Cloverbuds led the pledges to open the meeting. Roll call was completed with each member talking about what they are doing to prepare for fair this year. Nine members were present.

Under old business, the bake sale was June 23 at Keybank in Wakeman. The club made a profit of $88.50 from the sale.

Under new business, the club voted to donate a sewing trophy and the grand champion buck rabbit trophy for the Huron County Junior Fair this year. Cheyenne Emery gave a demonstration on first aid. Richard Bolden did a demonstration on cow feed. Ashley Gore did a demonstration on making bracelets.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. July 9 at Mike Swan's house.

Wakeman Wizards

The Wakeman Wizards held its fourth meeting May 1 at the Braker-Dalton Home. Roll call was taken by naming a favorite sport. Julianna Pabst, health officer, gave a speech about the importance of washing your hands. She used a special light so that members could see germs before and after washing hands. Old business included shifts for the flower/bake sale. The club agreed to donate one trophy for the fair, and to set aside money for two other trophies if needed. The next meeting was held at the Braker-Dalton Home on June 17.

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