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'Scream Queen' winners get chance to film locally with 'Exorcist' actress

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Do you think you have the lungs that could compete with the likes of actresses Janet Leigh or Jamie Lee Curtis?

If so, you need to come to the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center, 3319 Milan Road, Sandusky, to audition in the "'Curse of the Flesh' Scream Queen Competition." The contest will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday and again June 15.

"They're going to be filmed with Eileen Dietz in her scene," explained "Curse of the Flesh" director Jim Welch. "I'm going to pick one winner from each Friday."

Dietz stood in for actress Linda Blair as Regan Teresa MacNeil for a scene in director William Friedkin's 1973 classic horror film, "The Exorcist." The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) lists Dietz as being uncredited for playing "Pazuzu's Face."

"She did all the head spinning and soup spitting," said Welch, who added Blair's parents didn't want their 14-year-old daughter doing it.

Dietz will be filming her scene in Welch's low-budget horror film June 17 at Lyman Harbor, 1615 First St., Sandusky. The two scream queen winners will play people who find Dietz's character whose throat has been cut.

The two winners also have their picture taken with Dietz and get an autographed photo. They also will win a free entrance to Ghostly Manor and a free ride on the XD 3D theater.

Ironically, the IMDB Web site says Dietz's latest film, "Queen of Screams" is in post-production. She plays Eleanor Marshall, "a crazed B-movie actress (who is) out to kill" a small group of teenagers trapped in a deserted movie theater whom she blames for the "demise of her career."

"Curse of the Flesh" started filming June 2 in the Ghostly Manor parking lot with another scene later in the day at Norwalk's Sugarcreek Restaurant. Another scene is planned at Berry's Restaurant on Friday and Saturday.

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