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'Regionalism' debate worth considering

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:03 PM

Now that the post-Katrina emotional fury has abated, we need to get more factual.

First, the city administration of New Orleans saved thousands of lives by channeling citizens to the convention center and dome. Actually, these lives were saved twice over because a second disaster, a flood, followed the passage of a hurricane. Not one word of thanks has been offered.

Second, post flood, some citizens tried to flee the city and were prevented, forcefully, from entering adjoining municipalities. If a bio-terror or dirty bomb attack occurs on Public Square in Cleveland, no one from the inner city will be allowed into a suburb. Upfront, everyone must realize this.

Third, if a city administration is overwhelmed, and perhaps even its state, there will be difficulties getting organized to help. It will take time. But, this does not excuse the late response to those stranded at the dome and convention center.

Fourth, evacuating a metropolitan area could cost more lives than it saves.

Disasters are another concern that should enter the "regionalism" debates raging in Greater Cleveland.

Richard Missler


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