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'Highway Home' good collection of acoustic songs

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM

I had the chance recently to really dig into Christopher Reynolds' new CD, "The Age of Magnification: The Highway Home."

First, a bit of background. Reynolds is a 1979 St. Paul High School graduate who now lives in Berea and teaches at Berea High School.

"The Highway Home" is another collection of acoustic songs from Reynolds. The disc also contains some short stories that sort of introduce the songs.

Album highlights include "Follow the Dreaming Gourd No. 3," "Alive and Well" and "What Heaven Taught."

Reynolds has released about 10 solo CDs. He also plays in the band HOTROX, which was the group he played in while in high school. They re-unite every so often including this Saturday.

Reynolds wanted to explain what exactly "The Age of Magnification" was, so here's a brief explanation he wrote this past Sunday.

"In the fall of 1609, Galileo turned his telescope to the night sky and saw what no human had seen before. What the ancients believed to be a dome, celestial vault with holes that allowed the eternal light to shine through, was not there at all. In fact, many more stars appeared, which indicated that the universe was much larger than ever imagined. Since Galileo's 17th century, our knowledge of the physical universe has greatly expanded. The universe of the 21st century is 13.7 billion years old, full of galaxies, and since Edwin Hubble's discovery in 1929, it is still expanding with no end in sight.

"Plato called the starry skies a "moving image of eternity." What he meant was that the night sky that we can see was a mirror to the invisible, spiritual Source from which it came and which sustains it. I chose the term, magnification, to express what I think is the spiritual and psychological work of our times. First, if our moving image of eternity has expanded and will always expand, then our capacity to reflect on eternity has also expanded and must always expand. Second, if the visible and invisible are in expansion, then the connection between the two, the middle ground of the soul has to be magnified as well.

"We are being called to bring soul and spirit experience into accord with our cosmology. I am saying there is wisdom in founding a new balance, one appropriate to the times. Degradation of the material world in the name of religion, ignoring the spiritual world in the name of science, literalizing the psychological in the name of fundamentalism and materialism are not balanced and are not appropriate to these times."

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