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'Help get a skateboarder off the street'

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:43 PM

Skaters of Norwalk unite!

A concert at the reservoir to raise money and get the word out about the pending skate park finished up at 6 o'clock today. The weather kept attendance a little lower than organizer Darin Carlson hoped, but he said at the high point they probably had almost a hundred people. Of course, it all depended on the band that was playing.

Carlson has spear-headed the city's efforts to build a skate park, but he was ably assisted today by Kim Ludewig and Chris Davis, mothers of skateboarders, who wore t-shirts today saying, 'Help get a skateboarder off the street.'

Carlson said he skateboarded as a kid and is now doing it all on behalf of his two boys. He still likes to get an adrenaline rush now and again — now he plays roller hockey — but he says it's important developmentally for kids and adolescents to be able to get it too.

"I see kids now that are so sheltered, they're afraid ... (when they grow up) to take that leap in their job, or whatever it is." Also, he said, Norwalk is a very team-oriented city and there isn't much support for individual sports.

Also helping out was Jim Jadwisiak of Seatac 67, a Norwalk band that played today. He said he doesn't skateboard himself, but he's always liked to watch skateboarding. He was principally responsible for arranging all the bands.

In addition to Seatac 67, A New Tomorrow, Death by Rodeo, Habituous, Fight the Good Fight, High School Hit Squad, Antilles, and Clarksfield Coal all played.

The plan is to build the skateboard park at the end of the football fields on St. Mary's Street. The group has raised almost $15,000 of the $20,000 needed to start the first phase, which they plan to start next month. Today was more about getting the word out than raising money, and Carlson said he expected to earn around $350 for the cause. The Huron County Development Council is working with Carlson et al. to secure grants to cover the rest of the cost of phase I.

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