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Take Responsibility for own actions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:46 PM

Wow, I saw the article titled "Poll: Plenty of gloom to go with doom" in the Jan. 2 Reflector. It seems as though some 6 out of 10 of us expect the United States to be hit by a massive terrorist attack.

Personally, while I agree, I don't see a terrorist attack as our only threat. The other problems I see are, for the most part, the kind we can correct: Government spending; massive, illegal, non-English speaking immigration; a foreign policy that not only sticks its nose where it shouldn't be, but also uses our young as weapons, all the while creating new suicide bombers by the droves; pollution; over production of our seas and lands; unwed mothers; and — most galling of all — the one thing we can control: A lack of personal responsibility.

Now granted, just knowing about the problems, but not doing anything, is about like knowing a hurricane is coming and going for a swim. And, of course, many problems are well beyond our reach. So, even if a letter to the offending congressman, etc. feels good, it doesn't seem to accomplish much. However, one thing that does matter is the vote — and how many skip out on this powerful tool?

Another thing that matters, most of all, is taking personal responsibility for our own actions. What if, for example, all "men" took responsibility for the babies they created? Can't we easily reduce our gas and food consumption by, say 5 percent? How much less pollution would fill the sky, how many less dollars would roll into our enemy's coffers, how many needless pounds would be lost and how many fields, lakes and oceans would be the better for it?

One can never change the tide of human history. If I could, I'd unite the leaders of the world in prayer for children everywhere. However, people can change their small corner of the world, and the tide of their history, simply by realizing that if they could kick the rear-end of the person most responsible for their problems, they'd never sit down.

Cliff Cannon


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