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Real Estate Transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:47 PM



Robert B. Boger and Sara J. Bond or survivor to Robert B. and Sara J. Boger or survivor, 131 Green St.

Carolyn T. Novotny to Federal National Mortgage Association, 175 Wood St.

Revis L. Miller to Household Realty Corporation, 1211 E. Main St., $56,667.


Cline and Lois Tackett or survivor to Cline and Lois Tackett or survivor, 57 New St.

George J. and Mary L. Boyer or survivor to George J. Boyer, 48 W. Main St.


Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church to James D. Montgomery, 235 Monroe St., $95,000.

North Fairfield

Patricia Sue Hacker in care of Ron or Pat Vanderpool to Ronald R. and Patricia S. Vanderpool or survivor, 13 E. Ashtabula St.

James Parrott and James A. Parrott to Matthew W. and Melissa A. Wireman or survivor, 212 W. Main St., $97,850.


Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Alan O. and Juanita M. Mitchell or survivor, 1 Falcon Crest Drive, Unit A, $141,000.

Jack L. Bleile to Leonard P. Blair, Bishop of Toledo Diocese, 115 Hester St.

Rosemary A. Schaffer, trustee to Steven L. and Joyce A. Hovatter or survivor, Clifton Street, $15,000.

Thomas G. Susko to Thomas G. Susko, trustee, 29 Grove Ave.

Geraldine A. Hardway to William A. III and Jayme L. Bader or survivor, 6 Locust Lane, $135,000.

Edward J. Brown and Kay L. Gowdy or survivor to Amanda S. Ruhl, 14 Park Ave., $78,500.

Linda K. Edwards to Linda K. Edwards, trustee, 10 Deer Track Trail, Unit D.

J. M. and C. J. Cardman or survivor with life estate of Effie O. Cardman to April Hupp and James Flannery or survivor, 43 Norwood Ave., $97,000.


Bernard S., Jr. and Linda K. Wood to Bernard G., Jr. and Linda K. Wood or survivor, 54 Franklin St.


Bronson Twp.

Joseph C. Carver to Gerard C. and Patricia A. Hipp or survivor, 2175 Cole Creek Drive, $950,000.

Clarksfield Twp.

William J. Spoerr with life estate of Jeanne F. Spoerr to William J. Spoerr, Jarvis Road.

William J. Spoerr with life estate of Jeanne F. Spoerr to Lauren J. Kamm, trustee, Jarvis Road, $333,250.

Greenfield Twp.

Ralph W. and Barbara J. Muoio or survivor to Kevin F. Arnold, trustee, 53 Sandy Trail, $225,000.

Joel D. Hawley to James E. Decker, Jr. and Kathyrine G. Lecias or survivor, 793 Holiday Drive, $191,000.

Hartland Twp.

Thomas G. Susko to Thomas G. Susko, trustee, Fitchville River Road.

Lyme Twp.

WSS Farm, Inc. an Ohio Corporation to Curtis B. and Linda L. Close, Edmonds Road, $265,000.

Ripley Twp.

Richard F. and M. Kathleen Tallman or survivor to Mary Kathleen Tallman aka M. Kathleen Tallman, Baseline Road.

Sherman Twp.

David P. and Patricia F. Bumb to David P. Bumb et al, Pontiac Sectionline Road.

Townsend Twp.

Michael S. Hyde to Michael S. II and Marnie E. Hyde or survivor, 4754 Derussey Road, $125,000.

R. & M. Suda Ltd. with life estate of Robert P. and Melvina M. Suda to R. & M. Suda Ltd. with life estate of Robert P. Suda, 2127 Wells Road.

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