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Real Estate Transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:46 PM



Ellen M. Folk to Clyde Weaver and Ruth Stockmaster, 604 Center St.

U.S. Bank National Association as trustee to Scott S. Pisano and Kari E. Lavalley, 426 Sandusky St., $66,900.

Joseph C. and Jessica A. Stanley or survivor to Wells Fargo Bank N.A. as trustee, 150 Wood St., $55,667.

Jeromie L. and Renee E. Marshall or survivor to Cartus Corporation, 151 William Ave., $115,000.

Cartus Corporation to Jeffrey A. and Paula A. Crosby or survivor, 151 William Ave., $115,000.


James N. and Patricia A. Kimberly or survivor to Rodney L. Stevenson, Newton Village lots 46-49, 50-54, $175,000.


Duane F. and Sandra E. Lonz or survivor to Sandra E. Lonz, 54 Broad St.

New London

Mark D. and Denise M. Cuson or survivor to Wells Fargo Bank N.A. as trustee, 162 New London Ave., $60,000.

North Fairfield

Gary E. and Jane E. Antill or survivor to Russell and Charlene Scriver or survivor, 113 N. Main St., $105,000.


Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Ronald A. and Janet L. Morehouse or survivor, 8 Falcon Crest Drive, $128,000.

John E. and Jennifer L. Saunders or survivor to Christopher M. and Angie L. Horning, 48 N. Hester St., $84,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kenneth E. and Eva D. Gorby, 152 E. Main St., $122,500.

Wayne J. and Donna K. Bontrager or survivor to N. P. Dodge, Jr., trustee, 157 Fairway Circle, $189,000.

N. P. Dodge, Jr. to Doreen E. and Michael W. Foley or survivor, 157 Fairway Circle, $189,000.

Doris P. Haynes and Bruce A. Haynes and David M. Haynes or survivor to Bruce A. Haynes and David A. Haynes or survivor, 135 Leisure Lane.

Brian P. and Amy E. Chase or survivor to Brian P. Chase, 22 Fairwood Ave. and 14 W. Main St.

Robert W. and Audrey M. Brothers or survivor to Robert W. Brothers, 22 Walnut St.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to James W. and Jane M. Koch or survivor, 8 Falcon Creek Drive, $152,000.

Martin K. Clouse and Tammy J. Field or survivor to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank as trustee, 140 Woodlawn Ave., $80,000.

Epic Technologies, Inc. an Ohio Corporation to Epic Technologies LLC, 200 Bluegrass Drive East and Republic Street.

Brian Curtiss and Kimberly M. Lucal or survivor to Daniel E. and Martin D. Oney or survivor, 227 Whittlesey Ave., $75,486.

Michael Rupp and Brian Rupp to Brian Rupp, 75 Whittlesey Ave., $40,500.

Robert W. Brothers to Linda L. Davenport, 22 Walnut St.


First Federal Bank of Ohio fka 1st Federal Savings & Loan to Larry W. Hadamuscin, 112 W. Broadway St., $35,000.


Dane E. Bethard to RKB Homes Ltd., 38 Abbott St.


Dale and Joan Schlatter or survivor to Joan Schlatter, 2 Ridgewood Drive.


Bronson Twp.

Maureen Prack, trustee to Dave and Jill Wasiniak or survivor, $10.

Clarksfield Twp.

Ferd F. and Robert A. Ortner, trustees to Windfall Acres LLC and Robert A. Ortner, trustee, 593 Ohio 60.

Fitchville Twp.

Wilmer H. Dotson, trustee to Cornell Dotson, successor trustee, 2287 Jennings Road.

Cornell Dotson, successor trustee to Cornel and Laura J. Dotson or survivor, 2287 Jennings Road.

Jon R. Arndt to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, U.S. 250.

Jon R. Arndt to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, 3693 Townline Road 187.

Deane Davis to Julie Davis, 2717 Crescent Road.

Greenfield Twp.

Agata K. Olszowska and Edward J. Zgleszewski or survivor to Samuel C. and Pamela A. Kelly or survivor, 2777 Ohio 162, $155,000.

Hartland Twp.

Michael R. Jones to Michael R. and Waneta M. Jones, 2358 Derussey Road.

Keith R. Fessenden to Matthew T. and Jennifer M. Lark or survivor, Hartland Center Road, $31,500.

New Haven Twp.

Harold and Emily Salyer or survivor to Harold Salyer, 3084 Ohio 103.

Randall L. Phillips with life estate of Leo F. and Lois E. Phillips to Randall L. Phillips, trustee with life estate of L. F. and L. E. Phillips, 3053 Ohio 61.

Norwich Twp.

Joan V. Easterday and Carol Murray, trustees to Richard E. and Rebecca J. Whetstone, Egypt Road, $154,000.

Peru Twp.

William J. and Denise M. Brooks to William J. and Denise M. Brooks or survivor, 1700 Geiger Road.

Ridgefield Twp.

John A. and Nancy J. Alt to John A. and Nancy J. Alt or survivor, 4375 Huber Road.

Sherman Twp.

Blue Bonnet Farms LLC to Blue Bonnet Farms, Inc., Sand Hill Road.

David P. and Patricia F. Bumb or survivor to David P. Bumb, Heyman Road.

Townsend Twp.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Chad and Katrina M. Burras, 4298 West Collins Road, $60,000.

R & M Suda Ltd. an Ohio Limited Liability Company to R & M Suda Ltd. an Ohio Limited Partnership, 2127 Wells Road.

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