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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:47 PM

Roast Monroeville government for its disfunction, which reached a climax Friday with the resignation of Mayor Molly Doss. The last few months have featured a series of low-lights for Monroeville: village administrator Ken Knuth resigns following an ugly public dispute with citizens; village council blasts Doss for letting citizens criticize Knuth; council drags its feet on hiring a new administrator; Doss resigns. Monroeville council can't go back and undo the damage, but now is the time to take stock of its role and the behavior of public officials and try to move forward.

Toast the Norwalk Park and Recreation Department for organizing a Ladies Re- "Treat," the biggest single day event in the department's history, scheduled for Saturday, May 12. It seems like a win for everybody businesses get an opportunity to expose their products to an audience of 1,000 women, the department could raise $5,000 and the participants get to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation on Mother's Day weekend.

Roast the continued failure of state agencies to understand the real risks of identity theft. An Ohio Board of Nursing employee mistakenly posted personal information of more than 3,000 newly licensed nurses on the Internet from Jan. 12 to Jan. 16. The board is taking steps to stop Social Security numbers from being posted again, but in this day and age, given the massive problems at some of the state's other public entities, such as Ohio University, steps already should have been taken.

Toast the Firelands Computer Club for donating a new computer to the Norwalk Public Library. The computer is the library's fastest and has the most memory. Patrons are sure to appreciate the generous gesture.

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