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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:46 PM

Gaymont Nursing Center

Monday was a day to celebrate birthdays and, since it would have been the birthday of Elvis Presley, residents marked the occasion with a trivia contest about "the King." Joan M. and Kenny R. were obviously huge fans because they answered the most questions correctly. Larry Russell and his gang of friends entertained with some rousing musical selections for all residents celebrating a January birthday. The homemade cupcakes were decorated in scarlet and gray for The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Peggy P. was very proud of her Las Vegas-style win when the dice game "Left, Center, Right" was played. Her winnings added up to $25,000 and she commented, "I wish I really did win that amount." Iverna chose recipes from a vegetarian cook book at her cooking class and residents most enjoyed a garbanzo bean salad, coleslaw and pumpkin pie. "Keyboard Cleats" had everyone keeping time and singing along as he played piano selections.

There were quite a few winners at bingo games, among them Esther J., Susan B., Donny M. and Ruth P. The movie "Snowdogs" was enjoyed while munching on freshly popped corn from the little red popcorn wagon. The New London Baptist Singers were here and Katrina made a trip around the building with coffee and fresh doughnut cart for enjoying a mid-morning snack.

Norwalk Memorial Home

If someone mentioned a "trunk show," it could mean many things. Maybe it's a display of antique trunks or maybe it has something to do with elephant trunks. At Norwalk Memorial Home the trunk show was courtesy of North Fairfield Museum with Ruth Earl pulling out amazing items. She brought tools, winter clothing, a vintage radio, knife sharpener and wooden stakes used to get maple syrup out of maple trees.

Exercising is a daily event at the home but residents were invited to come along on a vacation as they exercised. Using a relaxation technique, they visualized a time and place they would like to be. Their choices included the beach but the most popular choice was with family.

Ann Nickoli, an employee of Norwalk Memorial Home shared her talent and that of her students with a violin concert. Kelly Dillon and Zachary Coe also volunteered their time and brought three yellow lab puppies for a petting session.

Happy hour was Friday with karoke and residents in the spotlight. In addition, National Banana Boat Day was celebrated with banana boats.

Residents also enjoyed the following activities which included coffee corner, Wheel of Fortune, life enhancement class and bingo.

Church services were conducted by the Rev. Paul Lamb of the First Baptist Church. Catholic Mass was held by the Rev. Francis Speier from St. Mary church.

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