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An angelic voice: Norwalk woman to perform songs from new CD

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Angel Foss admits she can express herself better musically than verbally.

That shouldn't surprise anyone: The 34-year-old rural Norwalk resident has been writing songs and playing instruments since age 7 and will come out with her second CD in the summer.

You can hear Foss and her band perform some of the songs from that CD at 9 p.m. Saturday at Cabana Jacks in Downtown Sandusky.

The concert will feature one hour of Foss' music, all of which is original.

On her Web site,www.angelfoss.com, Foss is described as a musician whose "diary-like lyric style combines real-life and personal issues into universal experiences where both long-time fans, as well as fresh faces, develop a newfound affection for her music."

Foss also is described as a "musical Renaissance Girl" and for good reason. She not only sings, but writes music, plays several instruments (including the guitar and piano), produces and records.

"I enjoy the whole process doing it all myself," she said. "I like to learn new things."

Performing music is certainly nothing new for Foss. She's played the piano and written songs since age 7, and musical performance runs in her family. Her grandmother played the organ, vibraphone and sang in an orchestra as a teenager, while her parents played several instruments and sang. Foss has a picture of herself at age 3 playing the guitar with her father. She recalled attending her dad's band practices and sitting atop the amplifier.

"I don't know how good it was for my hearing," Foss joked.

She's serious about her music, though. In fact, the local resident admits she's obsessed about music.

"I can't imagine doing anything else," she said.

Foss said she took health care-related courses at BGSU Firelands, but found herself wishing she were writing songs instead. When it comes to expressing herself, Foss said she finds it hard to put her feelings into words. So, she writes songs to express those emotions.

The Defiance native maintains a box full of notebooks with lyrics and another box of melodies she composed to potentially go with the lyrics. She said she tries to determine what lyrics would best go with what melody.

In all, Foss said she's written more than 50 songs, which are based on her personal experiences and those she's observed. Her music is in a style called "Adult Alternative Acoustic Pop," and her inspirations include Sarah McLachlan, Aimee Mann, Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey, Kristen Hersh and Chrissie Hynde.

She has performed in various coffee houses and small venues, but also has played at the National Women's Music Festival in the summer of 2004 and at the House of Blues in Cleveland this year.

Foss' goal is to become a songwriter for an established publisher and land an independent label deal.

Foss' public relations assistant, Jennifer Evans, said Foss' love of music comes across in her performances.

"She's not up there for show, she's up there because she wants to be there," Evans said. "She's just very comfortable on stage, it's where she should be."

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